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  2. Valeic

    Free Codes (different Packs)

    Sun & Moon-Unbroken Bonds 7Q9-977G-B9Z-9JR
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  4. The Cramorant reminds me of a pelican but crossed with a dodo bird. Oddly adorable! I don't think the Polteageist is odd. I think this one is based on Japanese folklore, which does feature a possessed tea kettle! Keep in mind that these designs are Japanese in origin, and in Japanese folklore, objects can have spirits. I'm not an expert (or Japanese) and this is something I've literally just searched, so if you're interested in learning more, I recommend doing some research yourself!
  5. Mod_Gunning

    [GENERAL] Eula

    Hi onurstn, In this case, please submit a ticket to support (use the link to the support portal in my signature) in order for our team to be able to investigate the issue further. Thank you for your cooperation!
  6. Mod_June

    Netzwerkverbindung zum Server abgebrochen

    Hallo UnForCereal, vielleicht versuchst du es zunächst erst einmal mit der Neuinstallation. Sollte das nichts bringen, würde ich empfehlen eine Support-Anfrage zu stellen. Unsere Kollegen können sich das so im Detail anschauen und dir bessere Hilfestellung leisten. Den Link dazu findest du hier ganz unten im Footer.
  7. shinygeodude

    What decks can you use?

    The Charizard deck may be one of the better ones according to most people, but all theme decks are subject to the randomness involved in drawing cards. For example, the last 3 consecutive times I entered a theme deck tournament with the Relentless Flame deck, I still lost in the first round. So keep your expectations reasonable.
  8. SandaledOtter

    Best theme deck in game currently?

    Unless your friend is playing the Empoleon theme deck. That will at least give you a battle.
  9. XP_On

    Offline_play's last giveaway.

    Congratz.. maybe good karma on you because you do this giveaway

    Best theme deck in game currently?

    Relentless Flame or Blazing Volcano.
  11. MASTERMajora

    What decks can you use?

    To build on what SandaledOtter said, I've also had great success with the Laser Focus (Necrozma), Soaring Storm (Dragonite), and Storm Caller (Raikou) decks. Although, the latter plays a bit differently than most decks and may take some getting used to.
  12. Yesterday
  13. I have saved up enough coins for a theme deck and I want to know which one is the best one to get to beat my friend.
  14. Chasista

    Offline_play's last giveaway.

    @offline_play Thanks for the excellent explanation! And congrats for that HF trainer box pulls!
  15. Altere seus planos e prepare-se para enfrentar o Pokémon Lendário em Pokémon GO Raid Battles a partir de 23 de setembro. O Pokémon renegado retorna às batalhas Pokémon GO Raid five-star a partir de 23 de setembro de 2019, 1 p.m. PDT até 17 de outubro de 2019 1 p.m. PDT. O Pokémon Lendário é um forte lutador por conta de seus poderosos ataques fantasma e mesmo se estiver mais interessado em colecionar que batalhar, há razões para ficar entusiasmado. Treinadores sortudos poderão encontrar Shiny Giratina pela primeira vez durante o retorno das Raid Battles, portanto não perca a chance de desafiar o Pokémon Lendário quantas vezes puder. As mesmas táticas usadas para enfrentar o Giratina em encontros prévios irão funcionar aqui novamente. É fraco contra ataques gelo, dragão, sombrio e fada, por isso use seus ataques mais poderosos desses tipos e conquiste a maior quantidade de Premier Balls que puder. Boa sorte, treinadores!
  16. klosar666

    11,878 Different Cards to Own

    I have 11555 different cards. Cool. Not many missing. Could I please get some reward from Pokemon company for the years I've played? Reward like Fearow gem promo and other gems, as they are unobtainable, but still visible in game, it would be nice to have them. Hope you understand. I'm not asking for Tropical Beaches or free packs as a n00b. Thanks and I will be waiting for your response.
  17. WaffleLycanroc

    tag team cards, what is next for the TCG card game

    Here’s some more tag teams! Tapu Koko & Tapu Lele Fairy type Tapu Bulu & Tapu Fini Fairy as well. Lugia & Ho-oh colorless type ( Flying ) Some tag team trios Cobalion, Terrakion & Virizion Fighting type. Tornadus, Thundurus & Landorus Colorless (since they are flying)
  18. Younis

    TCG Online interactions (translated)

    Sadly that's correct translation! That and more is why i have deactivated the InGame-Chat in the Settings very long time ago(I think after my 3rd week of playing this Game), because there are too many kids and teenagers playing this Game and the result of this is that you can't enjoy the InGame-Chat.
  19. Akiowo

    Non Pkm-X Mode

    Yeah I do like using my X cards but I am looking longingly at some of my standard pokemon like, I'd love to use you but there just is no point.
  20. Mibrood

    Needs some cards

    3 mount cornonet, 2 metal magnezones with the ability (UPR) and 1 beast energy. Willing to trade a couple of GXs
  21. onurstn

    [GENERAL] Eula

    I have the same problem, too. I uninstalled the game and then installed it again, but the problem still continues. error screenshot
  22. honestly due to the price of the packs and how slow it is to grind for tokens the packs are way too expensive. either increase chance oof wanted card appearing, lower the price of packs, or increase how many tokens are received. or possibley making an easier way to get tokens
  23. Felidae_

    making wanted cards more likely to appear in packs

    A noble idea, but way to easy to ***** in the long run. Weirdly enough, the one thing that could save this game are micro transactions (with a much lower money/”insert virtual currency here” ratio then what they had with the gems). True, there has been a lot of discussion in recent months about the topic and they certainly need to limit the amount you can spend on an account per day / put in an age restriction and parents permission for younger accounts, but other than that this would drastically increase the amount of trad-able packs and hence the amount of trad-able copies of key cards (lowering their price in the long run)
  24. * 2 Cutiefly BUS 95 * 2 Ribombee BUS 96 * 3 Magnemite UPR 80 * 3 Magnezone UPR 83 and then 2 steven's resolve, 3 rare candies and 3 mount coronet is what I need
  25. honestly i think to packs should be cheaper, maybe 100 tokens
  26. Wise_Sage

    making wanted cards more likely to appear in packs

    Trying to get that Jirachi? Lol. I agree with you. I opened at least 100 packs, and still can’t cards I wanted. It seems like it is harder and harder to pull the rare cards. I remember it was easier to pull 4 Tapu Lele GX. Now, i must have opened more than 100 packs this months, and still can’t pull the strong tag team GX cards I wanted. With the new season, I have no qualified standard deck. Since you spent 5000 points, that’s only 25 packs. You see that the market value for jirachi is 28 unified packs. It is easier to trade if you already have most of the cards you need from that sets.
  27. Wise_Sage

    Quitting Matches

    This problem exists for years.. i thought that they should have points deducted if they quit. I think the best way to conquer the knockout challenge is by joining the tournament. People tend to quit less. But, I noticed that there are less people playing this game nowadays. I had to wait more than 15 minutes because there aren’t enough people joining.
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