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  2. RaginTyphlosion

    Battle Arena Deck box prices

    In real, A Keldeo VS Rayquaza Battle Arena deck boxes, It is $29.99.
  3. RaginTyphlosion

    Ball (Nest + Quick) or?

    Tqvm Salamancer
  4. RaginTyphlosion

    Which deck should i build?

    First of welcome back to the game, You can see that you have a lot of Fire Vs and VMAXs like Charizard V & VMAX, Cinderace V, Torkoal V and many more. And you also have a couple of Dark Vs like Eternatus V and Galarian Slowbro V. You can make a fire type deck. Best with your cards is:- (You can't make any deck with the cards you have mentioned here, trade some and make this👇) The Cinderace VMAX deck:- Pokémon: 16 - 3 Cinderace V (RC) - 2 Cinderace VMAX (RC) - 3 Jirachi (TEU) - 1 Volcanion (UNB) - 1 Vulpix (SWSH) - 1 Ninetales (TEU) - 1 Ta
  5. Salmancer

    Ball (Nest + Quick) or?

    There are probably some decks that want to take advantage of discarding cards from their hand. It isn't always a drawback. Cards like this Giratina benefit from being discarded, and other cards like Dark Patch want specific other cards to enter the discard pile.
  6. MadEyeMoody1

    Old Cemetary/Spiritomb/Aurora Energy/Donphan BUG

    So why isn't it fixed yet?
  7. RaginTyphlosion

    Ball (Nest + Quick) or?

    Thank You Very Much Pikayou, it was very informative
  8. RaginTyphlosion

    Ball (Nest + Quick) or?

  9. theamberagul408

    Which deck should i build?

    I've just come back to this game. I've got several v and v max mostly from pack (not trading). So, from these card, which deck should i build?
  10. Does the physical code card say that it includes both decks? I don't own that product but if I had to guess, it should have one code for each deck. If you think you were wronged, e.g. received a mispackaged product, then you should contact Support and they may be able to help.
  11. IceBeamTogetic

    Mac client not saving video setting

    That's interesting. You may have to contact Support and give them this information. It sounds like the devs should be able to figure out the problem pretty quick, or at least narrow it down to a couple specific scenarios, but us forum peasants probably can't.
  12. IceBeamTogetic

    Old Cemetary/Spiritomb/Aurora Energy/Donphan BUG

    This is a known issue, and there is already a current thread on this topic. Perhaps you can post your game log there, so that it's all in one place?
  13. Wanna see a gen 5 remake or gen 2 remake
  14. Garblx

    Whats your idea for new PokeBalls?

    Different variations of the net ball (etc. Volcano Ball for fire and rock types) Scream ball (screams whenever it fails to catch something or when it struggles around) (100% catch rate against toxtricity, exploud etc.)
  15. Garblx

    What is your favorite pokemon?

    Golisopod, Heracross, Scolipede and Quagsire
  16. Garblx

    Pokémon, the Generation IX games?

    Hoping they take a few years to ready a game that can blow sword and shield out of the water. personally liked swsh but many don't like it as much
  17. Cant think of a bad pokemon game other than hey you pikachu
  18. RaginTyphlosion

    What Do You Think Happened?

  19. woop woop wooper and galarian slowbro are some of my favorites. also galarian darmanitan, cramorant, snom and dracovish are pretty cool
  21. Black 2 has a expanded dex, 2nd strongest champion, and better story besides them constantly talking about "2 years ago" also in bw2 you can get either a shiny Gible or Dratini depending on version and a shiny Haxorus, BW don't have that. Also liked the cameos with crasher wake, fantina and cynthia, should do more of those in the future
  22. yes, but I think he's talking about Slowpoke EX from the 'EX' expansions, the older ones before the HGSS and DPP ones
  23. Garblx

    Pokemon 25: Your top 3 regions

    1. Unova Grew up with it and has the best overall story 2. Alola Lots of cool Pokémon and I like the aesthetic 3. Johto Never played but heard it was really good and also has Kanto in the post game
  24. Lanturn's ability, "Energy Grounding" is no longer working as it should. When a pokemon on your active position is knocked out, it should work like an EXP share, and bring over an energy card from the knocked out pokemon. HOWEVER. Since this last update, the ability no longer works, at least for me.
  25. yeah so while playing Spiritomb/Donphan I came across a bug. The game freezes and you gotta close the game and reopen. Happened to me twice today. Happens when I have Old Cemetary in play, and I attach Aurora Energy to Spiritomb, and discard a Donphan I had in my hand with the effect of Aurora Energy. For some reason when I do this, the Aurora Energy puts 2 damage counters on the Donphan while it's being dumped in the discard pile. Please fix this cause it almost costed me a tournament. THANKS. This is at the bottom of the log: game log Game Log Outpu
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