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    Thanks Trainer Chasista for helping your follow trainers. Have a great day!
  4. The match does depend on ELO, but how is it fair for a Lugia to keep on being OHKOed by all the best pokemons in game? learning is important but without the tools to improve it equals to zero progress
  5. True, but right now the only thing that I can think that works is begging for codes. For new players, it takes very long for them to be able to win their first tradable pack. It would take at least 6 months to build up a good deck. By then, they would have already lost interest. Yes, you won't win every game, but for new players they can only grind on the ladder for a 50% win rate in the theme section. You would want to hit the 1670 mark for the 5 packs. Thats about 120 games won + bonus bolts = 6 games won per day = 12 games played per day = 2 hours per day(already a lot for casual
  6. So are there any suggestions on how I can improve this deck? It is a near copy of the Pikarom meta but I did not have enough packs to finish all of it. ##Pokémon - 11 * 1 Eldegoss V RCL 176 * 2 Boltund V PR-SW 85 * 1 Dedenne-GX UNB 57 * 2 Pikachu & Zekrom-GX TEU 33 * 2 Pikachu V PR-SW 61 * 1 Raichu & Alolan Raichu-GX UNM 54 * 1 Tapu Koko V SSH 72 * 1 Vikavolt V DAA 60 ##Trainer Cards - 32 * 2 Marnie SSH 169 * 2 N FCO 105 * 4 Crushing Hammer SSH 159 * 4 Switch CES 147 * 3 Lysandre FLF 90 * 2 Q
  7. Find out which cards will be permitted in the 2022 Pokémon TCG Championship Series season. At the beginning of every Championship Series season, Pokémon Organized Play removes older expansions from competition in the Standard format with the goal of maintaining a healthy competitive environment. This rotation challenges existing players to create new strategies and enables new players to get involved in Play! Pokémon events using the most recent releases. The 2022 Standard format rotation will officially go into effect on September 9, 2021 for the Pokémon TCG Online and Septemb
  8. Mod_RedDragon

    [GENERAL] Other - Cannot locate second copy of deck

    Glad to hear you were able to locate your deck! 😎
  9. Mod_RedDragon

    [GENERAL] Login - Wrong Password (am i being hacked ?)

    Hello @LunarFoX1984, Were you still running into an issue logging into your account? If so, please try using your email and date of birth on the recovery page to recover the username and/or reset the password. If you run into any issues with account recovery, please reach out to the support team for further assistance.
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  11. Chasista

    new player, any deckbuilding tips?

    Thanks for the answer. Wow, 6 and 4. I had the feeling that starting the game were only 4 and 2 but never remembering which was 2 and which 4 copies. Also in older years the Starting decks were different and both trainers were more seen in the Starting decks so I thought maybe some of them had even lower numbers. Unless you have purchased/pulled some from Theme/Packs. Anyway!
  12. Chasista


    Yes, it's normal. Once you are in a certain Level, the Daily challenges only can be completed in VS and Events, from now on. It was long ago and I can't remember the exact level. It was around 5 to 7 probably. You could tell, if you are now in 7, probably end at 6. If you are 6, at 5. If you are 8, at 7...
  13. Chasista

    I've got 500 coins. Which theme deck should I get?

    Hey, Charizard it's a nice Theme. I would have gone for Relentless flame but they both are in the top in Theme format. Next Theme should be Relentless flame, Soaring storm (it have some lightning too!) but if you like Storm caller, go for it, it's also nice to play and I'll tell you below a nice combo to use. As for your decks, you pasted the NagZ twice. I've check your Electric deck in the other thread but as you have gotten several advice, I didn't put in my two penny worth. Seeing your NagZ now, looks way better than in the other thread loosing the 20/20/20 form and
  14. bpf99


    I’ve lately been noticing that I can’t do my quests in trainer challenge? In the top left the versus and events are highlighted, but trainer challenge is grayed out. Is this normal as you level up?
  15. Royale_w

    SLT les fr

    bonjour je commence pokemon online il est possible de me donner des carte svp ou des booster
  16. Here's my version: Victini 💠 can retrieve all energy from discard into your deck for just 2 energy
  17. Check out what aegislash breakpoint can do. Doubles all damage counters. Very funny, esp if you can chain it after spreading damage.
  18. Since this is expanded an ace spec is also needed. Battle reporter is not as strong as some of the other cards mentioned above so it should be removed. Roller Skates is is useless since it only draws 3 and it only has about 50/50 to even draw 3. For an electric deck try Tapu Koko 💠 (the diamond stands for prism if you didn't know) to accelerate energy from discard. Speed Lightning Energy is another good 1 since it can draw 2 cards while counting as electric energy. Boltund V is good since it can accelerate energy from deck to your pokemon and can deal a lot of damage i

    G-Max one blow

    The attack isn't affected by any effects on the opponent's active Pokémon. The Weakness Guard Energy applies an effect on the Pokémon it's attached to, the effect it gives is: This Pokémon has no weakness. Since the attack isn't affected by that effect, it targets the weakness. So yes, Urshifu Vmax's G-Max One Blow ignores the effect of Weakness Guard Energy.
  20. Loltoheaven777

    new player, any deckbuilding tips?

    @ChasistaThanks! ill work on doing the competitive shape thing. also i just checked in collection and i have 6 of N (best character in all of fiction btw) and 4 of Sycamore (cant comment here as i haven't played XY yet)
  21. Radruby317

    I've got 500 coins. Which theme deck should I get?

    I would recommend relentless flame, because the nidoqueen is amazing and with the amount of evolution pokemon in that deck, you can easily power up a 200 dmg attack.
  22. Mod_Lyam

    Me confundí?

    Hola, MaBe12: ¡Gracias por utilizar el foro para resolver tus dudas! Como te explicó el entrenador Chasista, las barajas temáticas duplicadas se envían a la pestaña "Paquetes" de la Colección del jugador. Una vez abiertas las barajas, el Administrador de barajas solo puede mostrar un mazo, por lo que debes tener las cartas adicionales en tu colección. Saludos,
  23. Wow, awesome guess from the scratch Shannon. What a bad luck. Was very difficult yet to imagine the right pokémon (I had no idea haha) I see all three Arbok the same. The tongue, the air... probably the hair next to (Jessie) it's the only thing? To me CPA seemed closer (even If I could have chosen HIF, I would have gone for CPA, LOL). OK, next... Machamp Lv 62 - Storm front 20
  24. Hola, Entrenadores: @Chasista: ¡Muchas gracias por compartir los códigos y la explicación con la comunidad! @charlie14007: ¡Me da gusto ver que encontraste un código para tu colección!
  25. Mod_GuruLot

    Question about a pikachu card

    Hello @Soup1900, Thank you for trying to help put! 👍 Reinforcing the rules would be the most correct.
  26. Mod_GuruLot

    Question about a pikachu card

    Hello @Wolfman_11, Thank you for clarifying the rules to the fellow trainer @Cptsnuggl!
  27. Mod_GuruLot

    Question about a pikachu card

    Hello @Cptsnuggl, Welcome to the forums! Good question on how to add a picture...you may want to check on the guidelines to be sure.
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