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A thing about Mega and Turbo-Evolutions.

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14 March 2019 - 01:35 PM



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Why are Mega- and Turbo-Evolutions never used? I have played about 100 games by now and never seen even one of them. Are they that bad?

Pls nerf Timerball. -_-

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14 March 2019 - 01:56 PM



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They are not that bad. Just outdated.


Every card needs to to fit in a competitive deck to be widely used. In they time there were a ton of Mega decks. Break never were so popular though.


Mega had the problem of ending turn at evolving, unless Spirit link. That means you need to get the spirit link and attach it, and then unless you play a card to remove tools, you can't add a different tool. That's a lot of room for just for an evolution.


The Break more used are Trevenant and Greninja. Both good decks but you have to see that a Break it's like a Stage 2 or 3 a lot of them. That's several turns to get it in play.


Right now there are GXs. Those can be Stage 1 or Basic with the same HP as some Mega and more HP than a lot of Break, faster to set up and hitting harder.


It's not that Mega and Break are bad cards, but they became old.


Late bug of any modification in a BREAK deck does not save , didn't helped either to see it in play updated to TEU set.

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14 March 2019 - 03:36 PM



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Pretty much what Chasista said. But besides that, you might be playing in Standard (where Mega and Turbo/Break cards have already rotated out of format). If you're playing in Expanded though, disregard this.
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