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Trading Away Expanded Bling (SR Eggs, Fa Colrres, and more...)

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13 March 2019 - 07:00 PM



    Novice Trainer

  • bicho_master

Looking to trade the cards listed bellow. Only lf TUP Packs or TUP Jirachi



SR VS Seeker x4

SR Traines Mail x3

SR Energy Retrieval x4

SR Rayquaza x1

SR Eggxecute x 2

FA Colress x1

Fa Prof Sycamore x4

FA Shaymin EX x4 (RS)

FA Teammates x1

SR Enhanced Hammer x2 (PC)

SR Energy Switch x4 (RS)

FA Skyla x1 (BKP)

FA Archie´s Ace in the Hole x2

FA AZ x2

FA Bridgette x4

FA Keldeo x1 (BCR)

FA Lysandre x2



And lots of other expanded cards, just add me or respond to this thread with offers :)

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