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Viable Theme Decks?

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13 March 2019 - 02:36 PM



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Hello community,


as I am fairly new to the game (played it 3 years ago and now just returned to it) I got back into the game again. I played a fair share of Versus games now and already completed the bot-series.


Since I don't have enough money to spam my deck full of EX/GX cards like most people in Expanded do yet, I focussed on Theme decks since they seem much more balanced and fun to me.


I would like to know which Theme Decks are currently viable. From my experience the new decks "Relentless Flame" and "Torrential Cannon" are pretty good, from which I bought the second one. I also got Steel Sun because I badly needed a Cosmoem card for other purposes.


But yes, I would like to know which Theme decks are good and useable right now, as I have been thinking about getting Tropical Takedown or Blazing Volcano. I would like a Fire or Grass deck to be the next.


Pls nerf Timerball. -_-

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13 March 2019 - 07:47 PM



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Blazing volcano is the best Theme out there.


The next is Relentless flame. Both hit strong with low energy once you know what you're playing.


The Water Theme became strong just because they are the counters to fire. That means Imperial command and Torrential cannon are following the fire decks in the list, as for Theme gaming purposes. Hydro fury is the 3rd option.


The weird chooses are Leaf charge which is indeed quite good, but weak to fire. Can hit some water types for weakness, not to the main water pokémon of Imperial command tho. The Better than choosing grass would be choosing Lighting.with Storm caller. It's playable. Hard to set up. But if you set up is good. Not as powerful as the 4 I said first but you won't be suffering for the weaknesses. And you hit Imp command Empoleon's for weakness.


More accurate info you can check here: http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/70032-theme-decks/#entry620789

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