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Game Economy Tracker for Trade Lobby Estimates

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11 March 2019 - 09:23 PM



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Hi all, just wanted to state I am in no way affiliated with this site or the person hosting it. I am posting this purely for educational purposes, primarily for newer players. To the mods, if this is inappropriate, I apologize, and will happily remove it. 


I have noticed lately that there are quite a few "scam level" asking prices for some cards in the trade lobby on the game. I found that a few are even falling for it, and thinking they got a good deal when they were more-or-less robbed in unkind fashion. Also, I see a lot of people that seem to be posting trades where they clearly were unaware of the value of what they were trading (or extremely desperate for a single Team-Up booster) and I felt like I was a bad person for taking their trade, but would've felt dumb if I hadn't. 

I know that the mods don't like external site linking, and urls are auto-censored, so I will state it like this, there is a guy named:




He can be searched on internet search engines, and publishes a regularly updated economy guide to the PTCGO game's trading aspect. He had not updated the page in a while, and many stopped following it, but seems to be back up and running the site regularly again. A new update was posted yesterday! 

This site is organized in a points system based on the value of 1 being a common booster pack in trade theory (SM Lost Thunder being the median now). Almost all collectible cards, decks, and boosters are listed in the extensive chart (Ctrl+F helps to quickly search for a specific named card) with a point based trade value. Kind of like a Pokemon version of the Wall Street Stock Exchange. The higher the pull rarity and card circulation, the higher the value, the more "for want" it becomes, the higher the value, the more common it becomes, or less "for want," the lower it gets.

This way, especially if you are new and have no clue what you are doing, you have a reference point of what the value of cards are. You can see, at very least, if you are getting a good deal, or a very poor deal. Also, you will have a better idea what to ask for when trading to get a higher accepted trade rate and less rejections. 

I know that some just may desperately want something, and paying a huge price for it is okay if you can spare it. I understand these trade anomalies will occur. However, if you don't want to lose your shirt trading to scam artists or people that are just unaware of trade values... This is an invaluable reference tool. 

Get the most out of your unused boosters and extra cards when trading and bookmark this guy... You'll be happy you did! 

NOTE: I am merely posting this to help out new players and maybe veteran players that also used to follow this guy's site. He stopped updating after the release of Team-Up and the site went dead for a while. 

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