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Pokemon TCGO works fine on my Samsung A7 2018


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04 March 2019 - 02:18 PM



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  • Necrolunaleo
Dear developers,
Saying that the game isn't supported on phones is totally wrong as I had a theory after seeing other people here saying that the game works fine on their phones too so, I installed shareit on my ancient tablet which i play the game on and transferred the game to my phone. After downloading the data I played an online match and everything went perfectly except the text size on the cards was so tiny but readable which is something that could easily be optimised for phones by making a magnifying lens icon to read the text better or something like that. The point is the game really works well on phones so please release the restraint on the play store so that when an update comes I could download it on my phone easily, even if you don't make any changes you can release the game the way it is now on phones and say it is a beta for phones to see the problems and fix each problem at as they come so by the end of the year a magnificent card game will be ready for most phones and will be a super successful as there is almost no competition when talking about the extremely high level of complexity and divergence in cards and strategies.
All in all, please please please consider this as the game is so wonderful and it is such a great shame for it to not be on phones and if the game needs really strong internet connction you can put a warning at the start of the game so you won't be responsible if the connection os lost.

Best regards,
Your loyal player
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04 March 2019 - 10:45 PM



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Yes, bring this game to the phones.

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05 March 2019 - 02:24 AM




  • Mod_Lyam

Hi Trainers,


The Pokémon TCG Online is currently available for Android Tablet devices, as well as iPad and desktop PC and Macs. The game was originally designed for a robust (wifi or wired) data connection and has not been optimized for use over a limited cellular connection that players on a smartphone would expect. There are also user interface considerations that could be optimized for smaller smartphone screens. For these reasons, any device that Google Play considers a “phone” is not currently enabled to download the game. 
Minimum requirements:
Android Tablet
Space Required: Up to 6 GB
Android OS Revision: 4.0 or higher
Most Android tablets are supported. Due to the large number of Android devices, we cannot guarantee compatibility with any specific device. Kindle Fire tablets are not natively supported through the Google Play store. The game may run on Kindle Fire tablets, but this has not been tested.
Customer Support does not know if the development team has plans to release a TCGO client for Android phones. We will certainly pass your feedback along to the development team for further review.
Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns!

Moderator Lyam
Pokémon TCG Online Moderator

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