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Newbie Question

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03 March 2019 - 06:14 PM



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  • FFErepeat
I looked for a sticky on how to do this but couldn’t find one. Apologies if it’s out there.

How to you use the Pokémon site to import decks from TCGO to these forums? I see it all the time in the deck construction forum but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Any help would be appreciated!
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03 March 2019 - 06:43 PM



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  • RobRatt

Basically, you use the Cut and Paste function of your device.  Deck lists, properly done, are just text files that you can Import or Export in the game.  Most devices have some type of Clipboard that stores these between applications.


In the forum, just highlight the deck list, then Copy.  Then go into the game and Import.

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04 March 2019 - 09:11 AM



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  • Loof6

When you edit a deck in Deck Manager, you will find the export function in the upper right corner, to the left of the close button, or to the left of the save button before saving. Then you have the deck list in the cache of your device and you can paste it whereever you like, in a text file, mail, forum etc.
The import feature is at the bottom when creating a new deck. But you have to have a compatible decklist in the cache of your device. So first, as Robratt wrote, copy a decklist.

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