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How do I search for cards marked as wanted?

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27 February 2019 - 01:38 PM



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  • JasonThompson

How do I search for cards marked as wanted?

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27 February 2019 - 01:52 PM



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  • Chasista



You have to set the proper filters. Check the box of For want in filters and will appear, both in collection and in trades.

WE WANT LEGACY TOURNAMENTS BACK !!! If you also want it, show your support http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/55966-feedback-making-it-easier-to-get-the-cards-you-want/

Last set NEVER in prizes http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/56679-last-released-set-packs-NEVER-in-prizes-events-login-box-ladder-rewards/?p=593037

Foro en español, también existe: http://forums.pokemontcg.com/forum/2-español/

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