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AZ Bug

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26 February 2019 - 11:46 PM



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  • jonemuzzy

When using AZ to pick up an evolution pokemon (a raichu placed on-top of a pikachu for example) it will pick up the raichu and put it into your hand, however it will discard the pikachu and place it into the discard pile. As far as i'm aware the card is not supposed to act like this, and it should be putting the pikachu into your hand as well. It only started occuring after the recent update. 

Official Ruling:

Q. When playing the AZ supporter, do I put all Pokemon stages into my hand, or just the Basic or highest stage?
A. You put all of the Pokemon cards into your hand, including all Stages and Mega cards. (Phantom Forces FAQ; Nov 13, 2014 TPCi Rules Team)

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28 February 2019 - 02:13 AM



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  • Jigglypuffan

I can conffirm this bug..


When i play mega rayquaza, a lot of time i AZ to get rayquaza and mega rayquaza in hand..


I don't tested with my mega ray deck.. but i tryed a salamence deck , and when i used AZ .. its discarded bagon and shelgon.. normally bagon shelgon and salamence should go in my hand.

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08 March 2019 - 09:35 PM



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  • Littledarkfury

I can also confirm this bug is a thing! When i AZ'd my golbat it discarded my zubat! I dont have 4 stretchers in my deck, literally caused me to lose a game because of it 

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08 March 2019 - 11:58 PM



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  • RobRatt

This is a Known Issue, as of February 27th.


•  AZ (PHF #91, 117): Only the highest stage card of the chosen Pokémon is returned to the hand. Any earlier stage cards beneath it are discarded.


Source >> http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/70266-version-261-known-issues/

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