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Black Market needs to be fixed

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23 February 2019 - 11:29 AM



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  • LaAsuna

When I played someone who used Black Market as their Stadium card it wouldn't even let me earn 1 Prize card from taking out Basic Pokemon

\which was broken. It should be fixed to let you get at least 1 Prize card or ban it from Expendable. Thank you

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23 February 2019 - 02:36 PM



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  • Otakutron

Looking at your profile, you joined the PTCGO forums about five minutes before posting.  "This is broken!" comments made under such circumstances are highly suspicious, and suggest you're not serious.  Especially since you talk about the "Expendable" Format. XP  Someone always seems to take the "bait" anyway, and newbie posts often do look like troll posts to me so...


Black Market {*} is a one-per-deck Prism Star Stadium.  Use your own Stadium or something like White Kyurem (LOT) to discard it by attacking.  If that isn't an option, you can also use Guzma to force a Benched Pokémon who either isn't a [D] Type, has no [D] Energy attached, or is normally worth 2+ Prizes into the Active position before scoring a KO, as any one of those means taking at least one Prize, even while Black Market {*} is in play.

If you do not have Private Messages enabled, it really limits you in discussing the Pokémon TCG. ;)

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23 February 2019 - 03:43 PM



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  • Sakura150612
If you think Black Market is broken, I wonder what you think about Life Dew and Shedinja considering that they can be recycled endlessly and that the latter is not even a "only 1 per deck" card.
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