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Ditto Prism Star Evolving issue

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16 February 2019 - 06:44 AM



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  • El_Weyde_Narcos
Sorry idk where to put this and I havent found anything regarding this.

Say, I have a benched Ditto prism, pass 1 turn I use his Ability to Evolve it to a stage 1, question, Can I evolve it in the same turn to the Stage 2 of the Stage 1 Pokemon?
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16 February 2019 - 07:40 AM



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  • RobRatt

Here are the only official rulings I could find on Ditto Prism.


The second question is closest to your needs.  It's a bit vague, but my understanding is that you can evolve it LATER into the Stage 2, and not on the same turn.  Typically you can never evolve anything twice in the same turn, unless there's a special Ability on the Stage 1 also, or there's a Trainer which allows it.


Q. Can you evolve Ditto {*} into a Stage 1 Pokemon and then on a later turn place a new, different Stage 1 Pokemon onto it?
A. No, not unless you have devolved Ditto {*} somehow during a previous turn. (Lost Thunder FAQ; Nov 1, 2018 TPCi Rules Team)


Q. If I have placed a Stage 1 Pokemon onto Ditto {*}, can I later evolve that into the corresponding Stage 2 Pokemon?
A. Yes, you can! (Lost Thunder FAQ; Nov 1, 2018 TPCi Rules Team)

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16 February 2019 - 01:29 PM



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  • Chasista



You need another turn to make the next evolution, unless (as Rob said) there's an Ability, Ancient trait, trainer or other factor allowing to evolve in the same turn. This case would not be only a matter related with Ditto {*} being the Basic pokémon in play.but with any other pokémon.

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