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Suggestion: Playable AI decks in Trainer Challenge

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11 February 2019 - 08:30 PM



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Wouldn't it be fun if we could mess around with the AI decks and some of there unique playstyles, such as Kendall's Short Circuit deck (can't do that with the electric Starter Deck as that has only 1 single Raichu) or Brittney's Magmortar/Electrivire combo deck?


That's why I'm suggesting the ability to unlock AI decks in Trainer Challenge only. Players won't receive the cards, the decks won't be playable in PvP, and there are no rewards for playing Trainer Challenge with them. It'd just be for fun!


If this is hopefully added to the game, please add all the AI versions. For instance, I know Kendall's 2nd version of her deck uses Sacred Ash which her other versions don't, I know Mick doesn't use Camerupt-EX in the first version of his deck, etcetera. It'd be most fun to experience all their versions.

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11 February 2019 - 08:52 PM




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This sounds pretty fun! Maybe it could be setup to only unlock the AI trainer decks after you beat each trainer.


I'll send this idea over to the development team and see what they think!

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