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could shine of punishment ban

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11 February 2019 - 08:28 PM



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  • Yusho12001

I really think each turn get 10 damage for gx and ex are too op also if some deck do one 180 damage in one turn then one shine of punishment damge will get ko which that card is most annoying of all time


also I think if people play shine of punishment then this game will not make money because not alot of people will buy gx and ex deck because of that

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11 February 2019 - 09:04 PM



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  • Sakura150612
Acerola says hi.
Max Potion says hi.

Most of the decks that have enough HP for the Shrine damage to matter (specially 1 energy or 1 DCE attackers such as Zoroark-GX) run one or the other.

While I'm at it, Field Blower and every single Stadium card in the game say that they want to have a word with you. If Shrine only procs once and then you immediately remove it from play that damage you took is nowhere even remotely close to OP. Running 2 Field Blowers plus 2 or so Stadium cards of your own is completely standard, you should be using those regardless of what deck you're using.

Last but not least, the TCGO staff has no power at all over what gets banned and what doesn't. Bans are only issued on exceptional situations (such as the preemptive Maxie ban due to Omastar turn 1 lock, which is the same logic as turn 1 Wally for Trevenant so this ban is consistent with its precedent).

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12 February 2019 - 01:45 AM



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  • BowserLuigi
An anti-GX card is OP? That's a new one.

At least you're aware that the little ones can put up as much fight as the big guys.
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12 February 2019 - 11:55 PM



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  • Sadra

Shrine is definitely one of the good stadium cards out there, especially with the release of the new Jirachi, which makes 1 prize attacker decks more consistent and faster to set up. But I also believe that it is one of the most overrated cards out there as many people try too hard to fit these stadiums in their decks and actually undermine the performance when they could use other stadiums or supporters for the deck space. 


In standard, I don't know since I don't play that much. In expanded, there is fierce competition for other stadiums (e.g. sky field, dimension valley, parallel) and I really don't use them that much. Stadium war is common in expanded, and just placing 1 damage counter for a turn and taking up 3 or 4 slots in your deck seems pretty underwhelming, not to mention that it could be played around in many ways (acerola). 


I would never say shrine is OP. A first turn trevenant is OP, Zorogarb is OP, definitely not a stadium that could be easily countered in multiple ways. It seems that the problem is on your side.

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