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Theme decks?

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08 February 2019 - 02:15 AM



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  • SuperGamerMTT

There a bunch of theme deck, but I don't really know which on to buy. I want a theme deck that is good overall, but I would also like to get one that has some good cards in it, so I could make my own decks. So, if anyone could help decide which one is the best thanks.

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08 February 2019 - 02:52 AM



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  • RobRatt

Any of the Theme Decks from the Sun & Moon era (the last 19) are good.  Of course, some are just a bit better than others.  You're not going to have a bad deck if you choose any from the "top 10" (the most recent) in the game's Shop.


If you're going to mix two of the same decks together, trying to create your own Standard deck, just about everyone recommends 2 Mach Strike decks (with Garchomp/Lucario).  I've never understood why others think that deck is great.  Once you KO one or two of them, it's "game over."  But that's just my opinion, because I think it's overrated.


For good cards to play, and promising Standard decks, you might try either of the Team Up decks that were released about a week ago.  The Charizard one is awesome.  And you could actually build two different Standard decks with it, either the Charizard line, or the Nidoqueen line.  The Blastoise deck is good too, and carries almost an identical Trainer Engine.


Again though, any of the 10 most recent Theme Decks are good.  They seem to get better and better with each new set.


My personal favorite (until last week anyway) has been Imperial Command with Empoleon.  I just like it, nothing more.  The secret, at least in Theme Events, is to be very familiar with your own deck (every card), and knowing the others, so there's no surprises.  And then don't give up early on, which is very common.  If you get paired with a Weakness to your deck (i.e. you're weak to their Energy type), that's always a hard game, and it can happen with any of them.

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08 February 2019 - 12:48 PM



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  • Chasista

You won't fail with:


1 Blazing volcano LOT

2 Relentless flame TEU

3 Mach strike UPR

4 Torrential cannon TEU

5 Imperial command UPR


And then

6 Storm caller LOT

7 Hydro fury CES

8 Leaf charge CES

9 Tropical takedown FLI

10 Twilight rogue FLI


If your plan is using them for Theme versus, that would be more or less my order of picks. Of course playing for weakness makes the best deck to handle or win harder, but you cannot avoid it happens.


If you want in addition get useful cards for custom, then order depends a lot of what you want to get or build. Leaf charge, Hydro fury and Storm caller would go up as they have Oranguru and Guzma, Magcargo (and Swampert) and Naganadel (and Zebstrika), with some Lillie, Kukui and so.


An order could be:


1 Blazing volcano LOT

2 Mach strike UPR

3 Leaf charge CES

4 Hydro fury CES

5 Storm caller LOT

6 Relentless flame TEU

7 Torrential cannon TEU

8 Twilight rogue FLi

9 Luminous frost BUS

10 Destruction fang

11 Tropical takedown FLi

12 Imperial command UPR


Of course if you have Mach strike and want 2 more Cynthia, the choice are the TEU decks even "being 6th and 7th", if you want an extra Guzma after Blazing volcano, choice is Leaf charge. If you look for Field blower the FLi decks, Escape board is Imperial command. Luminous frost enters with Alolan Ninetales, Destruction fang includes another Oranguru. All theme decks lately have a ton of useful pokémon and trainers and the format is right now probably funnier than ever. A good time to start in pokémon TCG.

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Foro en español, también existe: http://forums.pokemontcg.com/forum/2-español/

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08 February 2019 - 10:22 PM



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  • Sakura150612
It's not that Garchomp/Lucario is great, it's just that it's good enough for how cheap it is. It's a good introduction for new players into the Standard format. When I came back and had literally nothing, I bought Mach Strike x2 and played both Theme and Standard with it for a while. I think it's the type of deck that you have to move on from eventually. It's not that strong, and being a Stage 2 that requires 2 energy attachments (counting DCE) and relies on special energies it struggles against many other decks. But for a starting deck, it's really good. Specially before you start gaining ELO you'll run into a lot of sub-optinal decks that do poorly against any deck that actually has some thought behind it, including Garchomp. This also seems to be the reason why some new players (as in, people who still use 20+ energies and almost no decen trainers) hate so much playing against it, even though Garchomp is pretty sub-optimal itself when compared to top tier decks. Besides that, it's a fact that buying Mach Strike x2 gives you a complete playset of many staples (the most important one being Cynthia x4), so even when you eventually stop playing Garchomp you'll be equipped with some good staples to build something else.

In this regard, Mach Strike x2 is as great of a buy as people make it out to be despite the Standard Garchomp deck not being exactly great in the long run. Honestly, a lot of new players would save themselves much grief if they simply bought double Mach Strike, played Garchomp until they familiarize themselves with the game and then moved on to different decks. This also helps grind resources until they can afford something better, so it kills multiple birds with 1 stone.
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