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Weavile with Alolan muk

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05 February 2019 - 11:53 AM



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  • Mattthedark

Hello, I am currently playing a Zoroark / Weavile / Alolan Muk deck and a problem I found is that when my alolan muk is disabling the abilities of basic pokemons from my opponent, the damages that weavile deals are only 50 x abilities from "non-basic" pokemons on my opponent side.


For example, here was a situation in standard format where my weavile did only 80 damages :


My field :


1 active weavile (with a choiceb and)

3 Zoroark GX

1 alolan muk (the ability lock one)


My opponent field :


1 active Necrozma GX

1 Inkay

1 Malamar

1 Marshadow GX

1 Giratina (that can come back from the discard pile and spread damages)


Hoping this post will help  :)

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05 February 2019 - 01:12 PM



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  • 90Kitsune

I would assume because: "Each Basic Pokémon in play, in each player's hand, and in each player's discard pile has no Abilities."?

It's not cannot use them, or abilities are negated. It straight up treats them like they don't exist. So anything that relies on them to exist is screwed.

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05 February 2019 - 04:06 PM



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  • Mattthedark

Ok, sorry then. I always thinked that it means that it's not effective.

It's a bit tricky. Thanks for teaching me it.

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