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Colosseum's 15th Anniversary in the US Approaching: Missed Snagging?

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03 February 2019 - 07:32 PM



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  • Jammer87

As Colosseum is due for its 15th US birthday come next month on the 22nd, I believe it's time to reflect on it..


To be honest, I miss Team Cipher, Team Snagem, and the Shadow pokemon that are the center of Colosseum's plot: Snag the pokemon Cipher manipulated, AND put an end to their plans... As other games in the series have no Shadow Pokemon, and the Snag mechanic is missing, I believe the pokemon owned by the bad guys post-XD look less like war tools, despite the apparent ambitions of the evil owner of such pokemon...


^ What do you like about Colosseum? Do you wish for a Colosseum port to Switch eShop,or a remake for next year, when Pokemon XD is scheduled to have its 15th anniversary? Do you wish both games are ported or remade as "separate versions"? Any other comments regarding Colosseum?


Post away!


^ Something I noticed after the latest patch install...

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04 February 2019 - 10:59 PM



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  • Lugia2450

A Colosseum remake would be awesome. I haven't played it in years. I love the Shadow Pokemon mechanic, though the Shadow Rush recoil makes the legendary beasts harder to catch (and Entei can be KO'd by its ally's Earthquake if you keep it on the field). XD is also interesting in that it has moves that some Pokemon can only learn through that game. It's the only way for Lugia to get Psycho Boost, for example.

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