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[GENERAL] Other - Packs became locked after failed trade

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23 January 2019 - 10:46 AM



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  • Pixie8777



About two weeks ago there was an unannounced maintenance that brought the game down for a little while. When the game came back up, lots of people were reporting that the game client was lagging a lot and not loading certain things. Game search would stall, public trades would not appear, etc. These things happened off and on, so they'd work, and then not work, and then work, etc.


Anyways I went to create a trade during this time, offering 15 Lost Thunder packs, 1 Crimson Invasion Pack and 1 Pikachu Avatar Collection Box for 1 card. After I submitted the trade creation, I did not receive the regular "Your trade has been created" message or anything like that, but that's happened before so I just went and created another trade . That trade did show the trade has been created message. When I went to look at my trade offers, the first one with the 15 Lost Thunder packs was not showing up, and my packs were GONE. 


It has been weeks now since this has happened and I submitted several questions about it and the packs are still not available. Thankfully they now appear as locked, rather than just totally gone like they were originally, but I still can't interact with them in any way shape or form. They can't be opened or traded and they are stuck. 


Please help.


Thank you.

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24 January 2019 - 02:02 AM




  • Mod_RedDragon

Hey there!


Sorry to hear you ran into an issue with the game. If you recently opened a support ticket, just hang tight. Tickets are answered in the order they are received. The support team should be getting back to you shortly.  

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