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Luck of the draw

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17 January 2019 - 03:56 AM



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  • Absolem1001
I just started this card game and it's a lot of fun. Polly my favorite ccg. I enjoy how matches are played and I'm starting to understand better the strategy that's involved in consistent wins. I don't have a lot of ex gx cards so some decks beat me easily but in fair match ups my win rate isn't so bad. One thing that bugs me though is that it seems like matches can sometimes be decided with opening draw. Bad draw and games pretty much over. I'm sure there are ways to be have opening draws be consistently playable with trainer cards but it seems like a lot of these matches have a great deal of luck invloved. Might just be a noobie mirage but it seems that way.

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17 January 2019 - 11:55 AM



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  • Chasista

It's the way you say. But you also say you are new so I guess you don't have the larger pool of cards and still learning about cards, strategies and so on.


They way to avoid dead hands is by trainers, and making a competitive deck needs its bit of deck building knowledge.


It's not difficult the new players think your way but also most of the times they don't use the proper/staple trainers core for the decks or they add too much pokémon, evo lines and energies which makes flowing the deck, a lot harder.


Cards that avoid the 1st turn sticking can be: Ultra ball, Lele-GX, Prof Elm, Cynthia, Lillie and a lot other.


If you bring your deck to here, the fellow trainers of the forums can help you for sure to know if there's something that can be improved in your deck and to learn about deck building science ;)

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Foro en español, también existe: http://forums.pokemontcg.com/forum/2-español/

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20 January 2019 - 08:16 PM



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I'll make a new post on deck building.

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