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12 January 2019 - 11:47 AM



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  • mucci100

We already have hidden ELOs. Can we tweak this a bit and introduce rankings? 

I mean there is nothing to do in this game! Dont get me wrong I love this game and I play it from time to time a lot, but there is realy nothing to archive!


I mean the only reason why I still play Overwatch, Leauge of Legends etc. is because of the ranking system, because it is fun to compete with other players!

Creating some more incentive for competitive oriented players to play the game!


Pokemon is one of the most popular franchises, and we get nothing but new expansions?

Just look at other games like hearthstone, magic arena...


This game could be so much better! 


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12 January 2019 - 03:58 PM



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  • XK920XK

This has been requested many times before (by myself as well) but from what people and the website says, this online game was meant to be a testing ground for the irl game. This game was never meant to be a competitive scene.


On the official download page, it even states that this client was is for practice play and collection digital card. So i really dont think they will implement ranks anytime soon.


Pokemon wants players to play irl and buy irl boosters to make money. To my knowledge they dont make anything from the online version (especially now since gems and ticket purchases has been removed). A lot of these other popular games like the 2 you mention are solely online based and thats where they make their money so they would put time into creating an environment where players will stay for as long as possible.

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13 January 2019 - 12:11 AM



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  • Felidae_

Yeah, we have been campaigning for a proper ranking system since forever.


Honestly I think the problem is that the developers / decision makers ( I don't want to always put the blame on the devs, since they are only following the decision from the higher ups ) are afraid to change a running system.


Every other CCG/ TCG titles already had an established ladder system when it was released and honestly I can't imagine a competitive title in 2019 without a proper ranked ladder.

PTCGO, being one of the first major TCG titles out there (predating pretty much all of the other popular titles) never put much emphasis on the competitive aspect of the game.

Based on the way they treat us I firmly believe that they are afraid that a lot of casual players would be dissatisfied with a change to the reward / ladder structure.

The same company that didn't believe in a proper monetization strategy for a digital card game also failed to realize that players of all skill calibres are motivated by a proper ladder system, especially if said system can also be used to drive content on 3rd party platforms (i.e. Twtich).


I have lost all hope for any sort of skill based ladder system and it makes me rather sad to see a game with a dedicated community and so much potential go down the drain.

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