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[CLIENT] Failed trades not appearing in trade history

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07 January 2019 - 06:14 AM



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I've been trading quite heavily recently and have been trying to record stats so I can see how often certain trades go through. This is easy enough to do for successful trades, since the notification that appears shows both what you've given and gotten. However, for failed trades, the notification only shows you what you get back, not what you were trying to go for. This means unless you record all information beforehand, as well as the order you've put the trades up in, the only way to grab that info is to look in your trade history.


However, more often than not, failed trades aren't showing up in my trade history. I'm aware that only 250 trades show up at once - that's not a factor here, since I have trades that failed less than 20 minutes ago that aren't showing up. I have done the following steps:


-Checked the list multiple times

-Refreshed the list multiple times

-Relogged into the client


Looking through my trade history, I currently see 4 failed trades, and I've definitely failed more than 4 out of my most recent 250. 3/4 of those are trades that I canceled, not ones that expired naturally.

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07 January 2019 - 07:55 AM



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Failed trades (ones that weren't accepted) don't show up in your Trade History at all.  They never have, as far as I'm aware of.  Completed trades show, of course.  And if you think you've spotted "failed trades," those are actually ones that you've cancelled, for whatever reason.  Your self-cancelled trades are what appears with the Red X in your history.


The entire trade history is only 250 transactions (as you've mentioned).  It used to be much longer, but some players (myself included) would have their devices crash because the history database was too large.  Be careful what you ask for.  Now that they've reduced the database to 250, do you really want it full of every "failed" attempt that you make.  I know I don't.


You do bring up one important point.  It would be great if the trades (unaccepted ones) in the Notification Bar would show what you offered as well.  But they don't, and never have.  This feature has been requested multiple times, and the only response is the usual, "We'll forward this to somebody else," which means that nothing changes.  Personally, I've also suggested that they add a "Resubmit This Trade" button, which would make composing trades so much easier.  Keep your fingers crossed.


If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask.


P.S.  I'm not sure what device you're using, but I've found that taking screenshots with my iPad makes "remembering" much easier.

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