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[GAME] Trainer Challenge- Prizes do not maintain order.

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06 January 2019 - 03:42 AM



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I just today built a deck for Unlimited which uses greedy dice, Jirachi prism star, and rotom UnL- all of which are supposed to access the prize cards without shuffling them. Some cards, such as Beast Ball, require shuffling, but these do not. However, using the "test deck" feature in deck builder, I discovered that cards placed in a specific prize slot did not stay there.

This bug likely affects the prize pool itself rather than individual cards, and likely extends to the vs ladder, events, and friend matches. However, those are not things I can test.

That is inconsequential for virtually all decks. However, this specific one relies on controlling prizes to try to take 2-5 on a single KO, so it's kinda floundering. :P (I like weird decks.)

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