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Mewtwo tactical/theoretical issue in TCG

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06 January 2019 - 03:26 AM



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Hi all respected players,

I am not sure if I am submitting this question in the right field but I have a question regarding Mewtwo’s move: Barrier (from Pokemon XY evolution themed deck). The move itself prevents all damage including effects of an attack to Mewtwo.

I have a question about an opponent using Spell Tag (from tool card from Pokemon Sun&Moon), place 4 damage counters on opponent’s Pokemon in anyway upon the knock-out of the attached Pokemon. I understand its effect will only triggered when the attached Pokemon is knocked out by an attack.
Technically, you cannot use Barrier and Psychic at the same time. Therefore, there won’t be an attack, *********** to use Barrier. However, (I know the chance is low or it is actually impossible because mewtwo is my active Pokemon) there might be some underlying factors like other Pokemon or anything that attacked and knocked out the opponent’s active Pokemon at their turn with Spell Tag attached (I know the chance is low or it is actually impossible because mewtwo is my active Pokemon). And, on my previous turn I have my Barrier activated. Will the spell tag be able to penetrate through and place damage counter on to Mewtwo (I know damaging and place damage counter are different)?
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06 January 2019 - 03:57 AM



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Since barrier only prevents effects of attacks, the spell tag would go right through.

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25 January 2019 - 09:14 PM



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SuperStone is correct; Barrier only prevents the effects of attacks (including damage) done to directly to the Pokémon using Barrier.  The effects of Spell Tag are seen as effects of a Pokémon Tool, even if an attack KO'd the Pokémon with Spell Tag to trigger the effect.

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