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What happened to the trading companies? And will they ever come back?

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05 January 2019 - 03:17 PM



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Hello. I have not been on here in months due to school. However, throughout my time on here, I have used the various trading companies, and they were a huge help to me. I was able to get the cards I needed quickly, and I oftentimes could get cards that were not being traded in the game. This was much quicker and convenient than finding individual people to trade with. I do not know anybody else that plays this game sadly.



So, since I came back, I am looking for the current staples for standard. Sadly, the trading companies appear to be gone??



Did something happen? And will they come back?



I loved the idea of them and I was hoping they would stay.



Sorry if this has been asked a million times/ been answered. Like I said I have just returned and I am out of the loop.




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05 January 2019 - 03:32 PM



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Yes, this probably has been asked more than once before. Anyway.


It's a lot of work to run a company. People's life came through and they left the game or doesn't have time enough to do everything: play, keep the trades, update prices, being on and so on.


In addition, larger and larger sets came, making more difficult to have stock of every card.


It doesn't seem the same ones will come back, although they are not forbidden or something similar so, anyone could found a Company, which is not easy either way.


There are rumours about someone asking here and there if people would use the Companies again to make a new one but right now, for better or worse, there are no companies in the business.

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