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Gen VIII: Back to Basics in a Way

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19 December 2018 - 05:47 PM



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Hey folks, with Gen VIII about a year away, more or less, can't help but wonder if it would be back to basics in a way.  Sure, it would be the first mainline game on a console, but at the same time, if you think about it, wouldn't it be like going back to how playing Pokemon used to be like on the Game Boy?  LIke how, depending on the person, you are moving from 2 screens, like you currently have on the 3DS, to the one screen, if your first pokemon game was from Gen IV or V on the original DS.  Back to one screen if you started off from Gen I-III.  I know, in a way, the Switch does have two screens, but you are not allowed to use them both at the same time.  Since Nintendo is trying not to be reminded on how badly the Wii U was.  I'm pretty sure somebody else could think of an example of what I'm talking about.


And before anybody brings up Pokemon Let's Go, that is something different completely, that it's a reboot of Pokemon Yellow, with a touch of sequel, yet since it has more in common with Pokemon Go, and the fact that not much has changed about Kanto, feels like nobody ever bothers to give Kanto a makeover considering how they still tend to leave the other regions out somehow.


Also, something to think about, with all of the things that GameFreak has done with Gen VII, especially with USUM, be amazing if they aren't a bit of preview of what's to come on Gen VIII, what features that would be coming along with it, like the interactive pokemon you encounter on USUM.  Or with the pokemon you get to see in the background sometime, be amazing if the Switch ends up allowing Pokemon to break out more then they ever could on a handheld.  At least I hope.


Anyway, that's it for me.  Is there anything you would like to see happen on Gen VIII?  Something that you would feel is past overdue for Pokemon?  For me, if they decide to find a way to bring Mega Evolution and Z-moves back, one thing I wish they could have done was to add a second item slot, or some other approach, to where you can have a Mega Evolved pokemon using Z-moves that are more exclusive to them.

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21 December 2018 - 06:07 AM




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Hello there, thanks for posting your interesting thoughts. I had not considered that it might feel different no longer having the two screen set up. I have not had much time to play Pokemon Let's Go yet, but I'm hoping to play more over the holidays. As far as what I would want to see, its hard to say. I was elated to see that you no longer have to wander the tall grass waiting for a Pokemon to randomly appear, you can now properly see them in the world space. In fact many of the changes to Let's Go have been on my wish list for years.

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