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Need help with card: Suicine & Entei Legend

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16 December 2018 - 07:45 PM



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  • BasVink
Hi all,

Noob here, just getting into the game. I redeemed a booster pack (can't remember which one, but it was one of the older ones with Entei on it). I got a card out of that pack which pretty much shows an Entei, but it's positioned horizontally, so I only see the bottom half. The title of the card says it's an Suicune & Entei Legend. Now there's some text next to this talking about the other half, but it's nicely printed white on yellow, so I can't make out the text...

Can anyone explain how this card works? I tried to add a screen shot but can't figure out how to add pictures to a post.

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16 December 2018 - 09:06 PM



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  • Sakura150612

You actually can't post pictures in here. Generally speaking, you're not enabled to post any sort of content that the staff has no control over  such as pictures as external links (possibly to prevent trolls from posting NSFW material).


Regarding the Legend cards, it's an old mechanic from the HGSS Era where you're required to have both pieces of the card (top and bottom half) in order to play them, so you'd need to trade for the top half if you wanted to use it.


That said, If I were you I wouldn't bother finding the other half unless you want it just for collection. Legend cards are only playable in the near-dead Legacy format. As a new player, you really should start off by playing Theme Decks for a while until you learn enough about the game to make your own decks. Then, you'd probably want to play Standard or Expanded rather than Legacy.


Even if you wanted to play Legacy, you'd need a ton of other Legacy cards like Junk Arms and Smeargles, on top of having to find multiple copies of both the top and bottom half of the Legend Suicune and Entei (assuming you want to use this card). And even then, Legend cards just aren't too viable in the Legacy format anyways.


Overall, I'd say just keep the card in your collection and don't bother using it xd

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