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This deck surprisingly worked (Expanded)

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01 December 2018 - 01:59 AM



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Got the mission to deal 750 damage with Dragons. Built a deck focused on quickly getting that damage, and built it very inefficiently (such as including 20 energy to ensure I can deal damage ASAP, 3 different Druddigons because of collection limitations, only 3 Double Dragon Energy due to collection limitations, etcetera). To my surprise I won 5 Expanded games in a row. Turns out all the damage boosters + all the energies ensured I could fatally hit all my opponents before they could do anything in return, and the 1 opponent who survived to the end just couldn't build something that could stand up to the dragons.

So, because of how surprisingly well it worked despite being built so terribly, I decided to post it. As mentioned: besides the inefficiences for getting the damage ASAP, it also has inefficiences due to collection limitations. So yeah, no need for fixes, as it could have A LOT, I wonk (censor, reverse that last word)

** Counter Energy (once, but censored)
4x Double Colorless Energy
3x Double Dragon Energy
4x Prism Energy
2x Rainbow Energy
3x Fire Energy
3x Water Energy

1x Zekrom (Energy Stream, Electric Ball)
1x Druddigon (Revenge, Dragon *****
** Druddigon (Big Swing, Shred) (twice, but censored)
2x Druddigon (Proud Fang, Giga Claw)
2x Swablu (Bind Wound)
2x Altaria (Ability: Fight Song, Glide)
1x White Kyurem EX (Slash, White Inferno)
1x Rayquaza EX (Celestial Roar, Dragon Burst)
4x White Kyurem (Damage Rush, Cold Fire)
1x Drampa (Amass, Power Cyclone)

4x Nest Ball
4x Pluspower
1x Master Ball
1x Devoured Field
1x Lillie
4x Professor Kukui
2x Cheren
1x Iris
2x Fighting Fury Belt
4x Muscle Belt

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01 December 2018 - 11:55 AM



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Although you not looking for improvement, there are some cards you could change to make it better. Not this deck, it's a tip on general building area.


 You start the game with N and Sycamore (4 and 2 or vice versa, cannot remember), and 1 Vs Seeker in collection. All those cards worth a lot more to be played than Cheren and you don't even need to buy any theme deck to get it. In addition, getting the Theme decks it's a great way to enlarge your pool of cards. Although you have collection limitations, there are 2 Cynthia in Mach Strike, 1 Guzma and the Magcargo combo in Blazing volcano... that kind of staples that you can (and personally I think you should) use in any deck, even one just built to accomplish a Challenge. And being honest, those are great decks to play Theme tournaments so it's not tokens lost.


I'm curious if you remember what decks you played against. Apart from that, glad it make its function :)


Oddly there's another Dragon type deck thread (Salamence GX) just asking for tips in that same timelapse :lol:

WE WANT LEGACY TOURNAMENTS BACK !!! If you also want it, show your support http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/55966-feedback-making-it-easier-to-get-the-cards-you-want/

5th day reward packs list http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/56679-5th-day-log-in-pack-is-random-got-a-gur-dd/?p=593037

Foro en español, también existe: http://forums.pokemontcg.com/forum/2-español/

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01 December 2018 - 08:01 PM



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Yeah, I have plenty of Sycamores and N's (have all Theme Decks except for 2 Kits, which I'm working on getting). For this deck I went with Cheren simply because I had 2 empty spaces, never even planned on adding draw cards (besides Kukui for the damage boost), as my initial idea was I'd just quickly deal some damage and then lose, so when I had 2 spaces left (and didn't want to throw in even more energy) I just shrugged and added a draw card you want to use ASAP (Sycamore and N you may want to wait with depending on your hand).


No idea what I faced: I generally only play Theme Deck Duels and have had a long hiatus (I temporarily quit when cards like Donphan Prime and Mewtwo EX were still used), so I hardly know anything about the cards used nowadays. It's all the same to me: GX, GX, and more GX. The only noticable deck (but didn't face it with this deck) I faced several times was a deck focused on dumping cards to the Lost Zone to power up some attack.

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01 December 2018 - 11:53 PM




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Hello trainers, the concept behind this deck is interesting, I may have to try it out for myself if I get that mission. 

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27 January 2019 - 12:11 AM



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See this is the problem. I am trying to get the same deck but noone is willing to trade so I cant get the plus powers or the altarias!!

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