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[CARD] Electrode EVO 40 will not function properly when AZ is used.

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28 November 2018 - 03:25 AM



    Novice Trainer

  • TheMy5teryMan

Electrode EVO 40, when attached to a pokemon, will cause Voltorb to be stuck in the area where cards being currently played are. If you use AZ PHF 91 on the pokemon the electrode is attached to while it is in the active position, it will create game-breaking effects.


1. When AZ is played, the turn will immediately end.


2. The opponent cannot attack


3. The opponent cannot use any cards that switch the opponent's active (Lysandre, Guzma)


4. When you draw your card, your turn immediately ends


There are many other effects, but the important part is you are stuck without an active pokemon for the entireity of the game, and are forced to draw and pass turn.

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28 November 2018 - 04:33 AM



    Rookie Trainer

  • LiquidLutetium

I was the one that discovered this bug along with a friend. Let me describe the conditions that guarantee it to occur:


1. Get an Electrode EVO 40 on the field. Have a Pokemon on field that you can use Electrode's ability with (a lightning type Pokemon).


2. Use Electrode EVO 40's ability to knock it out and attach it as an energy to the lightning type Pokemon. This should cause Voltorb to become stuck on the active play zone on the field.


3. Play AZ on your active Pokemon to put it back into your hand. Even if it says that you will lose, you won't.


The result: This causes your side of the field to softlock. Your opponent can't play any cards to try and switch your Pokemon including Guzma, etc. Whenever it enters your turn, the game immediately makes you draw pass. We are unsure why this happens.


Interesting finds:


If both you and your opponent do the softlock, the game just draw passes back and forth. We have been able to crash the game if it draw passes enough cards, but we are unsure why this occurs.


You can do this with only two Pokemon on field (Electrode and a Lightning Pokemon). This therefore makes it possible to have no Pokemon on field at all if you execute the glitch correctly.

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