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Good trade or did I get burned?

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22 November 2018 - 06:32 PM



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  • Dave230
Im not sure If this is the right place. I'm currently trying to build a better rayquaza deck, and I've been trying to get a second one since celestial storm came out. I finally got the opportunity, but It meant having to trade my tapu lele promo card. Tapu lele I hear is a must have in successful decks, but I couldn't pass it up. For a hyper rare rayquaza to boot. I'm kind of having regrets. Likely hood I'm going to see another one unless the reprint rayquaza too is small. At least there is a chance to get another promo through another islands gaurdians box, but they probably sold out. I have to go check. What do you think? I
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22 November 2018 - 07:09 PM



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  • Sakura150612

By Tapu Lele promo, you mean Tapu Lele-GX from the Island Guardians box? If so, maybe. The fact that it's an Hyper Rare Rayquaza-GX makes the price be around even. But honestly, if you are short in packs or cards you can use to trade, you should never buy the highest rarity of a card. That's something you can afford to do once you've already built your deck. For that same Tapu Lele-GX, you could have obtained 16 or so LOT packs, that you could have traded for 2 Rayquaza-GX Regular Art (8 LOT each, if you're a bit patient).


For future reference, there is no point in asking after the fact xd Come and ask before you accept the trade. You're free to do so whenever you're in doubt.


Also for future reference, search in google for OU7C4ST's card value guide. The listed values aren't absolute of course, but it's a very good guideline for how much your cards are worth and how much the cards you're trying to get are worth.

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23 November 2018 - 12:10 AM



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  • Chasista

Yes, I think it's the GX Sakura. Islands guardians box come with a reprint of Lele-GX (Promo 60a/145) and indeed, it's quite beautiful, even being a RA.

@ dave230 What I use to do is check online

I have a Lele Promo. OK, let's check the card. People is offering (inventing all numbers) 17 packs of LOT or GRi, mainly. And 38 of BUS or SUM or CRi as side info for example). LOT and GRi at 1 value, CRi 0,'5 x 38 = 19 value, but in older packs which is not the same.

And people wants (to sell) for 19 (and more). Ok, all together makes an estimate of 18 value, as "fair".

Now checking Ray GX RR (check always the exact card). People offer 9 and 10.

People selling for 13.

Let's say then it's around 11 or 12, depending if a lot of trades, or not. If a lot of offer or low demand, the demand is covered so I would tend to the lower value. If just a couple trades, I could say the value is a bit more as it's harder to get.

And finally... does worth changing my 18 valued card for an 11 or 12 valued desired one? Mmm, probably not. But if I still want it, what I would do is trade in packs, get the 18, and then make an offer according to the other card value. Offer 11 or 12, or get it at 13.

As for the arts, Sakura is right again. Focus on getting cheaper copies at the beginning but getting all the cards you need. If Ray is the deck you want to play, you need to complete the best version ASAP. As better the deck, more rewards and tournaments can win. Any non fashioned deck wins the same as one full of SR and RR. And you can get the fashion cards later with the profit you've gotten sooner, as your deck is complete, and not missing something although you play Rainbow rare. Of course that's a personal choice.

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