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Gollisopod GX attack does not work

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20 November 2018 - 02:42 PM



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  • AJ_513

Why does the Gollisopod have so many issues? sometimes is on the bench and you switch it and the first impression attack doe not get the boost. and another issues is the GX attack....its supposed to attack the 150 Hit and then switch it with a bench Pokemon, but instead it just switches and doesn't attack??? there was no card preventing it from doing the damage or anything that would deactivate the cards attacks in any way. Is very frustrating since I've lost many occasions because of this issue.

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20 November 2018 - 03:03 PM



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  • Sakura150612

For future reference, you should post bug reports in the "Report a Bug" section instead of the Feedback section.


That aside, more information is needed to determine if this is a bug and to solve the bug (if it turns out it's actually a bug). The next time this happens to you, export the Game Log (can be found in-game in the upper right hand corner, on the 2nd tab) and either post it on the forums or send it to the support team via support ticket. If you post it on the forums, make sure to only post the Game Log (the first 2 pages or so) and not the Debug Data, because it doesn't fit in a forums post.

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20 November 2018 - 03:59 PM



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  • Chasista

Last time I played Goli, probably 4 days ago or so, worked fine. I can't remember any issue.


As the wise Sakura said, there's no info enough to know if it's suffering bugs but as it worked properly for me, I'm personally inclined to think possibly missing something and the issues have its explanation?


My rational explanations would be making Goli active after a KO. It have to became active while in the turn, not in between, which is indeed, before starting the turn.


And for the GX not hitting, some opponent avoiding GX damage in some way (a GX attack from DW Necrozma, a Crystal ray Glaceon EX's, a Scoundrel guards Hoopa's...)


So it would be awesome if you can come with more info or the Game log :)

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26 November 2018 - 03:27 AM




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Hello trainers, I have moved this thread to the correct section of the forums. 

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