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Detective Pikachu movie-1st Trailer is out

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13 November 2018 - 02:24 AM



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  • GrewupGeek

Hey, I'm not sure if anybody seen it yet, but I just seen the first trailer for the Detective Pikachu movie and looks pretty intense.  You need to go check it out.  Although right now, hoping the movie turns out as good as the trailer is showing, and not some hype that bombs.

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13 November 2018 - 11:37 AM



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  • Mod_Gunning

Hi GrewupGeek,


Thank you very much for the information. I will look up the trailer as soon as I find some time! Nice to know it looks good!

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15 November 2018 - 04:00 AM



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  • Hydreigon42

It looks so cool!


and also funny


i like the charizard


i wonder how the other pokemon will look

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16 November 2018 - 05:25 AM




  • Mod_Alder

Hello there, I just watched the trailer. I'm not sure how I feel about Pikachu sounding like Deadpool, but it looks like it has great potential. 

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17 November 2018 - 02:38 AM



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  • SuperStone

Man, doesn't that pikachu just look like a horror movie doll to you?  Not asimilar to some FNAF stuff. :P Hopefully they correct that a little for the final movie.

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