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[GAME BUG] Rainbow Brush

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05 November 2018 - 08:31 PM



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  • zebra123454321

Card: Rainbow Brush
Card Number: Celestial Storm #54, Celestial Storm #184
Expected Action: Play the card and choose a basic energy to replace the existing on a Pokémon then shuffle deck
Actual Action: When Rainbow Brush is played, both players get an error that reads "We're sorry. Your game has crashed due to a server error. Your win streak has not been affected, though, so you can join another game with your current win streak."
Steps to Reproduce: Put at least 1 energy on a Pokémon then play Rainbow Brush, the brush needs to change an energy then the game will error for both people. If the Rainbow Brush does not change an energy, the error won't happen.


I haven't had this happen to myself on ladder but some friends mentioned it and it happened during a friend battle. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.





PS Sorry i forgot to add the name of the card in the forum title, idk how to change the name of it

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