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LF 4 strong energy & 2 shining celebi to finish a deck

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01 November 2018 - 06:49 PM



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Hey guys/gals,

I'm looking for 4 strong energy (fates collide or furious fists, doesn't really matter) and 2 shining celebi to finish my barrage medicham deck. I recently came back to the game and I always enjoyed playing my old medicham machamp deck so I figured I'd try and rebuild it.

I have the following packs available for trade:

1 SM Celestial Storm

1 SM Guardians Rising

2 SM Crimson Invasion

1 XY Evolutions

If anyone has a shining celebi or strong please add me to your friends and/or post an offer and we can hopefully work something out :)


Edit: got the 4 strong energies for 1 GR pack, still looking for 2 shining celebi!

Edit 2: got 1 shining celeby for 2 Crimson Invasion, still looking for 1 more shining celebi.

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