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Advice on my Mega Charizard Deck?

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22 October 2018 - 09:32 PM



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  • DarkSableye240

I was really into the TCG about three years ago, but I fell out of it and would like to jump back in and modernize my decks from back then. I'm gonna have a thread for each of my decks and advice on updating them. I also haven't kept up with expansions since the ORAS expansion.


Anyways, the topic for this one is my Dark/Fire Mega Charizard Deck:



M. Charizard EX x1 (Crimson Dive)

Charizard EX x4 (3 different ones)

Yveltal EX x2

Darkrai EX x1 (Dark Cloak)

Ho-Oh EX x1 (Purifying Fire)

Tepig x1


Emboarx1 (Inferno Fandango)

Pawniard x2

Bisharp x2

Malamar x1

Inkay x1

Mr. Mime (Bench Barrier) x1



Colress x1

Pokemon Center Lady x3

Teammates x2

Lysandre x2

VS Seeker x2

Protection Cube x3

Professors Letter x3

Ultra Ball x2

Great Ball x1

Shadow Circle x2



Double Colorless x2

Dangerous Energy x2

Fire Energy x10

Dark Energy x6


I was really set on a 20x20x20 ratio of each card type back when, but I'm thinking I might have too many energies? Also, I've never gotten any use from the Emboar line, so I'm considering swapping them or adding one more of each. I was also looking into adding a GX card, maybe Turtonator GX.


Anyways, any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated!!


Edit: I was also considering adding another M Charizard EX since I only have one at the moment. Additionally, I would like to make better use of the Protection Cube item (since as of now only my one Mega can be affected by it) but I'm not really sure how to adjust for that, or what to get replace in this deck.

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26 October 2018 - 12:19 AM



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  • WingsofFire1014
I will be giving my opinions through different sections.

1. Pokemon

I like your approach to a M Charizard deck. But. why the Malamars, bisharps, yveltals, and darkrais? Your deck probably will not function well with all of these. Focus on just one type. Looking at your deck, I see the potential of a fire type deck. I just don't see how M Charizard works. You should look into Volcanion decks. They have Turtonator Gx's which I realize you are interested in. They also have Ho-oh's. There are some strong fire type decks out there, and just in my opinion I suggest that you use other different current strong decks. But, if you want to go with the Charizard approach you can. But, most definently forget the other Pokemon.

The rest of this is for it you take my opinion.

If you take my opinion you should do these things.

Lose all energy that isn't fire. Yes, in a fire deck 16 or less energy will work.

Use 4 Blacksmith, 4 VS Seekers, 4 Ultra Ball, 2 Guzma (no Lysandre), -1 great ball, 2 Shaymin EX, 4 Professor Sycamore, and 2 Float stone. More could be added to this. This is a basic trainer template for what common expanded fire decks look like.

The Pokemon could be something like 3 Volcanion EX, 3 Turtonator GX, 1 Ho-Oh GX, 2 Shaymin EX, 2 Volcanion (from Steam Siege) and then more. Again, this is just a basic template.

All of this stuff might seem a little different I hope not too different. It will win you more battles though. I hope I helped some!
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28 October 2018 - 06:38 PM



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  • SuperStone

For supporters, I second WingsofFire, but also suggest taking out 2 Center Ladies and adding 2 N in their place.  I also think you could find a better stadium- perhaps Scorched Earth.  Pokemon, however, is a more difficult subject.  Based on your list, there are a ton of different directions you could take this deck- and unfortunately, I think the one you like most is the worst of them; Mega Charizard.  It's slow to get out, requires five energy, and deals a lot of damage back to itself- and it can't even wear the Protection Cube because it'll want Spirit Links.  (Charizard spirit links exist now; they were printed in Evolutions.)  The emboar line helps the energy problem, but honestly it's more trouble than it's worth; it'll be very difficult to get out, and until you do, your attackers are just sitting there.  So clearly, we're either going to need a different front-liner, or a completely renovated support lineup to get those energy rolling.


You might consider what WingsofFire said, with just making this into a Volcanion deck.  However, that would just be a completely different deck, not a modification, so I'll try to work with this Emchar concept.  There are a couple of things we can to to boost your speed, so take as many as you can from this list:

  • Volcanion STS: energy-accel. attack
  • Max elixer: puts energy onto unevolved charizard
  • Mega turbo: puts energy onto evolved charizard
  • Volcanion-EX: just for the energy discard
  • Kiawe: he may or may no be good, but he has the potential to save a few turns.
  • Wishful Baton: if you use field blower to remove your spirit link, this could cut losses from a KO.
  • Acro Bike: helps you draw cards and discard energy

​On the topic of energy- you can definitely get by with less.  I think simply removing the dark and dangerous energies (since all the dark type pokemon would be gone) and increasing double colorless to four copies would suffice.


Adding more copies of Emchar will inevitable be good, as well as the Turtonator-GX if you have one.  Good luck! :)


Edit: p.s.- you can get the game to write the decklist for you if you go into deck manager, open it, and click the arrow icon in the top right.

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