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Are there any amateur leagues?

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22 October 2018 - 07:55 PM



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  • Aquiles190901

I just started playing properly about a week ago and i was wondering if there were any leagues that were more competitive.


Preferably just with amateurs, because i just want to get my head around everything. 


Someone please reply, it would still be appreciated.

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27 October 2018 - 09:56 AM



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  • trainee-trainer



I havent played in any leagues recently, but I did years ago. When I attended, different players were at different skill levels. There were relatively new, amateurs, advanced, and expert players who attended. The league I attended, was run by an adult, who taught newcomers the basics, and played practice games. He also kept records of the games each player played, to award promo cards during after each league season. If you attend a league, the organizer will answer any questions you have during a match. If you want more practice before attending a league, I highly recommend playing the trainer's challenge, by downloading the app from this site, to learn the basic rules. 


P.S. There may be pre-release tournaments taking the place of league this weekend, because a new set is being released on November 2. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to call ahead before traveling to a destination to make sure that Pokémon league is still occurring. The pre-release tournaments will be held October 20-28.

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