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plz fix the deck wizard

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17 October 2018 - 04:54 AM



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  • Hydreigon42

one day i decided to try out the deck wizard bc i thought it would be fun


but there is one major problem with it:


it will fill ur trainer card section with seemingly random cards


by seemingly random i mean u could have set 2 water pokemon as ur faves, it will give u some more water pokemon and normal pokemon and the energies needed for them, but it wont necessarily give u trainer cards u can use


so it might do something like make ur deck water and normal but then give u trainer cards that only work on fire type pokemon


i tried using a deck i made with the deck wizard because it seemed ok at first but then i found trainer cards in the deck that werent compatible/usable with the types of pokemon in the deck


also for solgaleo and lunala (stage 2), if you put both as your 2 fave pokemon, itseems like it will only do one or the other, not both bc it seems to not think that it is possible to have enough cosmogs and cosmoems that u can have both solgaleo and lunala in play at the same time (it probably thinks that because they have the same preevolutions)

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17 October 2018 - 05:17 PM



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  • Felidae_

The Deck Wizzard is a joke and was always meant to be one.


I honestly doubt that it would be worth to invest time and effort into developing a somewhat viable version of this, when there are so many other areas that could need some development time dedicated to them.


Look at the bright side though: When you are able to win with your 20/20/20 pile of cards that don't match at all, you have all the bragging rights in the world. Also, those decks will definitely be one of a kind :D.

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