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What's the general consensus on going first or second?

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06 October 2018 - 03:59 AM



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  • danielyoon10
Like in Magic, it's almost always better to go first. What's the consensus for Pokemon?
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06 October 2018 - 09:27 AM



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  • Felidae_

General speaking going first is the better option in the majority of cases.

There are obviously exceptions to this rule (usually when the benefit of the first attack outweighs the benefit of having the first evolution and the disruption of the first turn). In a real life setting where you play a best of three this can change for game 2/3 (as by then you know what your opponent is playing), but in the online world of best of 1 matches I'd advise you to always go first.

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06 October 2018 - 02:38 PM



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  • SandaledOtter

Always go first, unless you want the first attack.


My intent with the deck I use most is to get that attack using something that will help develop my heavy bench, so I try to go second.


Then again, if your bench is really light and your main attacker is a one energy basic, you'll want to go second so you can use it right from the start.


Most decks fall somewhere between, where you'll want to evolve and have a couple energy attached before you attack, and those need to go first.


Standard format has less denial than it used to right now, though there are a few things out there. Those decks wanted to go first to shut down the opponent.

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06 October 2018 - 03:30 PM



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  • Princess_Aurora

Going first allows you to set up faster and more efficiently.


Going second will allow you to shoot first.


If you use decks that need set-up and won't be able to attack on your first turn, then you might want to take the first option. If you use a one-energy attacker that can be deployed on your first turn (such as Sylveon-GX), then you might want to go second. Of course, it also depends on what deck your opponent is running, as if the energy signature indicates a Latidonk deck, you'll better be off with going first.

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