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What cards should I get and how do I get them?

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23 September 2018 - 05:26 PM



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So, I recently started playing and I'm stuck with a theme deck. I realy want to build my own deck and I've tried with the little cards I own, but I just got destroyed. Which trainer cards should I get and what's the best way to obtain them? I know trading packs is good, but trainers are not as rare as GX-cards, so maybe it's worth it to open packs rather than trading them? I also wonder what pokemon cards are best for beginners? Is there a better way to obtain good pokemon cards than the public trades section? Because I almost never find find the cards I'm looking for there. Another thing I'm struggling with is getting coins. (Not the flip-a-coin coins, the coins you use as currency in the shop section.) What's the best way to get those? And finaly, is there other ways to get tradable packs than code cards, and what expansions have the most value when trading?

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23 September 2018 - 06:48 PM



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I get a consittent collection and i never spend money in the game until recently (bought a theme deck :x )  so i will give you some advice.

-before even thinking playing "standard" get coin in playing Theme category and spend your coins in theme deck.

- how to spend coins? 1st spend them in theme deck: it will help you get usefull trainer and even some pokemons can be verry consistent in standart like garchomp and swampert/empoleon if adapted for it.

-what deck to buy? get 3 last series (6 last deck). They are verry conpetitives and nearly balanced so try to get one of them (i advice you get them all:        
                      -exeggudor / lycanroc and from dusknoir
                      -empoleon / garchomp from
                      -sceptile / swampert from celestial storm
 Older deck are less competitive. Get all of this deck and earn coin in "Theme" category. If you realy need a card in them and dont succed to get it by exchange you can buy 2 of the same deck (buy 2 garchomp and willneed a verry few card to build the complete standard deck)

- go themed tournament! I have altmost all the cart i wanted but i still play theme in tournament. It's where you can get lot of booster to trade easily with some luck. You just

Here i advice you to play exeggutor deck. I have played empoleon deck a lot before last update but today it's totaly weak to sceptile deck (but sceptile is harder to play against garchomp deck wich is the most used deck).

-what to do with booster?.... i don't know.. for myself i open all of them but i play so it's not a terrible thing if i waste them in opening for bad card. I guees it's smarter to trade booster for card you want. If you want non rare trainer just ask a lot for 1 pack.

Sorry for my english, i do my best :s


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23 September 2018 - 11:38 PM



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  • WingsofFire1014
You could look at the post I put on these forums. It starts like this, but this isn't all of it, what cards to get for the next season of the TCG and the TCGO. It is a little further down in the deck construction area. It gives good information for comeback players, and experienced players.
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