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Did I miss something here?

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21 September 2018 - 06:59 AM



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  • Morm

I had a Banette-gx out. I had 11 supporters in my discard. The opponent had a Buzzwole-gx out with 2 stakatakas on his bench. By my math, I should be hitting for 260 (cause of the x2 weak on buzzwole) minus 10 for each stakataka (or even if it is deducted before weakness, which works out to a total of 20 each for 40) that means AT WORST I am hitting for 220 total damage on a buzzwole that has 190 total damage and zero items on it. 

Why did I hit for 180, costing me a first round exit in a tournament?

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21 September 2018 - 07:31 PM



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  • EpicShonenGuy

Were you playing in expanded tournament? If so your opponent could have fighting fury belt attached on the buzzwole gx leaving him with 230 hp so even 220 wasn't enough to k.o him. Just an hipotesis i know you said the buzzwole had 0 items (tools) on it but sometimes we miss simple things like this leaving us in confusion the best way is to check the game log to clear things up.

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