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Any anti meta decks?

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25 November 2018 - 11:00 PM



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Oh and a grrat rule I forgot to post: NEVER use cards that rely on luck. No coin flips, no shuffle ur hand into deck and draw that many, none of it. Always use trainers to gwt EXACTLY what you need.
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26 November 2018 - 04:24 AM



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I have built a deck called the ************** wins almost against every deck there is. People net-deck alot and so I study what everybody uses. The only decks that would give this trouble, is something that is a nice homebrew. Dont waste your money on crappy Leles.

Deck list for Meta Killer uses easy counters so if you lose the coin flip, you plan your starter accordingly. You are never at a disadvantage in the opening turns. I mainly use

X4 Alolan Vulpix

X2 Alolan Ninetails

X2 Ninetails Gx

These alone will win games easy for those that rely on EX/GX too much.

Always run X2 Enhanced Hammers and X2 Field blowers. These can turn the tide heavy in your favor. A rule of X2 is great for trainers but never bring a bunch of items with you like these so called "pros" do. They are just waiting to get TRASHALANCHED. Lol

Main rule is, plan for almost anything. I planned for everything except Rotom and stall decks.

I would post the whole decklist for the Meta Killer but I discourage net decks and would love to keep my very good pro quality homebrew that doesnt run most of the meta at all.....it is built to DESTROY THEM.


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