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My first 68 games online AKA I heart Tropical Takedown

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07 September 2018 - 04:22 AM



    Novice Trainer

  • BigMac1391
I had not thought to be here. That’s the first thing. I’m too old, too employed, all of that. But my son was given a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card a few weeks ago. He rejected books about baseball, science, even Ralph the motorcycling mouse (my son is 6) and surprised his mother and I by picking out an encyclopedia of Pokémon with 800 illustrations. “Where have you even heard of Pokémon?” said I, who knew who Pikachu was but had never held a card or anything else.

Fast forward through our first trainer kit (we learned to play but wow not much thinking to do with those cards... luck of the draw extreme) to our first theme decks (Swampert/Sceptile, much more fun than the trainer game) and even beginning to modify them a bit and I realize this is kind of fun. Might it be even more fun to play someone besides my 6 year-old? And, I’ll do it under an account in his name that he can inherit and will be full of goodies... okay.

68 Theme Games later has been a blast. “My son” has a decent winning record with all of Hydro Fury, Leaf Charge, Twilight Rogue... but all of those decks can either “brick” or just be too slow for a Mach Strike player (maybe every other game is vs. MS) who hits their starting hand and is doing a Gible ascension on Turn 1. The deck I have found that holds its own best against Mach Strike and others is Tropical Takedown... lots of draw power and just enough other things you can do if getting to the Eggcexecutor is going sideways. That’s the fun of it too, you don’t just play it the same way every time like Hydro Fury (get Macargo... Swampert, Abomasnow to supercharge the water energy) - you get to solve the puzzle different ways. Nice preview of actually trying to build my own once I feel up to that...

Having fun so far- all you MS lovers try TT!
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29 September 2018 - 09:43 AM



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  • Limaser

TT is pretty good, I have to admit. Once I played TT, and I ran into a MS player, I destroyed him before he can even get a Garchomp. I felt SOOOOO good, because I lost to MS players more than I could count. Since then, I always use TT in Events, Trainer Challenge and Versus. In other words: I LOVE IT! Thank you for recommending TT!

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01 October 2018 - 06:22 PM



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  • Otakutron

Welcome to the game, BigMac1391... or should I say BigMac1391's mom? XD


I'm glad you're having fun.  I really enjoy the Tropical Takedown deck as well, though I am surprised it is working better against Mach Strike than some of the others you mentioned.  I find Tropical Takedown has a poor matchup against Mach Strike; Exeggcute is a OHKO for Garchomp's "Quick Dive" and even Alolan Exeggutor, with its 160 HP, is a OHKO for "Royal Blades" if the Garchomp player uses Cynthia that turn.  Alolan Exeggutor, by contrast, can't OHKO a Garchomp, even with a Professor Kukui.


Don't let that stop you from having fun, however; keep proving me wrong. ;)

If you do not have Private Messages enabled, it really limits you in discussing the Pokémon TCG. ;)

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12 October 2018 - 04:10 PM



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  • Chasista

It's said Imperial command it's a nice counter to MS. I share the thought although I'm more an MS player (oh! :ph34r: )


I didn't played TT out of Trainer challenge, to get the pack. It was fun to beating the trainers, exactly how you say, almost a type advantage against one of the trainers type and not 2 games following the same pattern.,


Who knows, maybe I'll try if I play anytime a Theme mode :D

WE WANT LEGACY TOURNAMENTS BACK !!! If you also want it, show your support http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/55966-feedback-making-it-easier-to-get-the-cards-you-want/

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15 October 2018 - 03:33 AM



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  • BovBoyet
Imperial command is a good counter of MS but it's totaly anihilate by the sceptile deck :( (empoleon's thunder weakness, other's leaf weakness, orangaru OHKO on abomasnow...)
before celestial storm i played a lot IC and it make me win a looot of turnament (win rate VS MS was verry high)

Now i'm part of TT fan club and it's verry efficient on turnament :)
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