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Pokemon Championship Point & Event Locator

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05 September 2018 - 11:38 PM



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  • Kiull

Okay so I have been confused for a while now and I think I got it down


  • League Challenges are Tournaments in Event Locator 

  • League Cups are Premier events in Event Locator

  • and League Challenges in the Event Locator aren't worth any CP

  • and it takes your best 2 finishes from League Cups & League Challenges per season maxing out at 400 from League Cups (Premier Events) and 120 from League Challenges (Tournaments) and 8 from Regional Championships maxing out at 1600 and 4 from International Championships maxing out at 2000 and 4120 being the absolute max CP you can get in a year but some premiers on the event locator are actually league cups

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