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How do you balance Trainer Challenge with other modes, time-wise?

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23 August 2018 - 07:58 AM



    Junior Trainer

  • DiaborMagics

Hello everyone!


So... since I started collecting the physical cards and playing online, I have accumulated quite some cards and I can build plenty of decent Expanded format decks (not tried Standard yet). I don't really like to directly copy others, so they're not top-notch, but they're usable (tho I do keep must-plays in mind... otherwise I would just get destroyed in all match-ups of course).


Now... when I started, it was with Luminous Frost and Trainer Challenge. I am now at Platinum, but I have noticed that I kind of neglect Trainer Challenge, since all of my daily challenges are online-only and since I can play Expanded for more and better rewards... but, leaving Trainer Challenge as incomplete as it is and not earning all boosters with my bought Theme Decks either, which are quite a few by now, feels wrong (I like to complete things I start in games if I can with reasonable effort).


I have two issues though - the first is boredom. Being more used to Expanded now, I now find Theme Decks boring. I never seem to draw what I want, the ratios of different cards are not optimal, playing against a real opponent is more interesting than vs AI (though AI speeds things up, which IS nice) - though online Theme Deck play seems to have little variety in what gets any play and I like to use a different array of decks - and cards are pretty bad, pretty often, if you don't use the latest decks only.


Problem 2 is the most important, because I'm almost sure Theme play can grow on me again if I just play it a bit more and that is the problem called 'time'. Since I play Versus most and have 'discovered' Events this week, but I can't play games all day - job and all that, money, games and cards don't fall from trees - I still mostly neglect Trainer Challenge because I just find other modes have better rewards for my time.


So how do you guys handle this? Do you juggle all modes, or play 1 or 2 of them exclusively? Did you first complete every Trainer Challenge and Theme Deck reward before moving to PvP?


I've made up my mind that I want to do more TC, so I've decided this might be a good way to go about it: 1. Play as much Expanded as needed to clear the Versus Ladder.

2. If Versus ladder is cleared and not reset yet, play Events, but during waiting times I can play a game of TC

3. If I quickly want to play 1 round of the game, I can go for TC at any time.


But this progresses TC kinda slow and neither Event play nor TC count towards the daily 11 wins Versus ladder gives you and I often strive to win 11 times a day in that mode, which leaves no time for the rest. In fact I've had to ease up on the striving, because sometimes it can get stressful if I have less time in a day, or if I want to play another game than the TCG but I can't because daily wins. And that is just silly. It should be relaxing imo.


Very long story very short: what are your experiences with juggling the different modes? Maybe you handle it in a way I haven't thought of yet.


- Also, does anyone know if there's a full list of all Theme Decks, Tins, Premium Collection Boxes, Booster Boxes, etc, etc, etc out there? Maybe in some Google Sheets file somewhere? I'd like to check which ones I do and don't have and checkmark them and I'm sure I don't even know about all the recent ones of the last 2 years that exist yet. 


That's all, excuse the wall, have a nice day!


- DiaborMagics

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23 August 2018 - 04:18 PM



    Novice Trainer

  • itsthewarden
It all depends on how much time you're willing to spend each day honestly. Personally i never bothered touching trainer challenge after beating it. Its way too slow and the rewards arent really worth it compared to versus or tourneys. After all the whole point of playing an online game is to play against others no? Then again if you do max out the daily versus rewards and still have time playing trainer challenge wouldnt be as bad.
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23 August 2018 - 07:49 PM



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  • SandaledOtter

I play Trainer Challenge if I'm not sure I have the time to spend on a versus match, or if I expect to be interrupted. Trainer Challenge isn't timed, and a loss doesn't affect anything. I still have a lot of decks to get through before it's finished, having bought every Theme Deck in the Shop.

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