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Trading a whole Water / Fire deck for some cards ( Lots of EX and GX cards even secret rares)

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So here is my list... I am trading because I dont think fire and water are my thing anymore. Not feeling it for a main deck. I know I wont get Darkrai EX and GX for it. Since thats one of the most popular cards atm. However I am looking for a few cards. Either a lot of Electricity EX and GX and random other cards in Electric. I traded two Tapu Koko which hurt. I didnt think Id be wanting to switch play styles so soon. Or I would want to improve on fairy, dark and psychic cards. EX and GX wanted of any of those types. Anyways now to the fun part. Listing my deck. Or at least the trade able cards.



Tortunator GX secret


Wishiwashi GX secret


Primarina GX regular


Glaceon EX


Articuno GX regular


Articuno EX


Aiolan Ninetails x2 GX secret


Entei GX regular


Palkia GX regular


Charizard GX secret


Garyados EX


Vicini EX


Vaporeon EX




Those are the good water EX and GX I have.. I also have a foil Stevens Resolve for possible trade. Message me ingame at RevyQuinn. Or Let me know what I should do here. Im willing to trade this deck. Plus the extra good GX / EXs I have. If anyone can help me get electrical, psychic, dark or Fairy type EX / GX and a few commons, Uncommons.



Thanks if you read this. Appreciate it if you message me or leave a message on the forums here.

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