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[CARD BUG] Memories of Dawn Mew was unable to copy Black Ray-GX

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04 August 2018 - 12:42 AM



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I attempted to use Black Ray-GX with my Mew. It was able to use Prismatic Burst (Counter Energy + DCE), but the option to use Black Ray-GX wasn't there. I hadn't used a GX attack during that game. In fact, Tapu Lele-GX was also on the bench, I had 3 prizes while my opponent had 2, and Tapu Cure-GX didn't show up either, so it's possible that the ability is bugged to not include GX attacks. I'm going to test to see if I can recreate a similar situation. 


Is there a way of uploading the log? I even ended up playing N right before trying to attack and you can see from that the number of prizes at the time.

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