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What Happens To Sycamore?

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27 July 2018 - 04:04 AM



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  • mjazzw7
We all know that Professor Sycamore is the best draw support in Standard. But what will happen when It rotates our September 2018?

I know already that the following cards will be rotated out for other cards:

N - judge
Float stone - escape board/ alter of the moone
Professors letter - energy loto?

*Also I am having trouble with my account, it says that I joined at 4:00 AM today when in reality I joined 3-4 years ago. I don’t know what to do need help.*

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27 July 2018 - 11:29 AM



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  • Pokegen85
Hi there! Good morning and welcome to the forums. I’ll do my best to answer your questions below:

Q: What happens to Sycamore?

A: Starting September 1st he’s being rotated out of standard. You’ll need to find a different draw support to continue playing him, or move all of your decks that absolutely must have him to expanded. What now? Every deck needs to have at least ten to fifteen draw cards. Ten with draw supporters like Oranguru SUM and Tapu LeLe GX GRI, fifteen if you are missing them. As far as replacement goes, there are already better cards out there. Many players that I’ve observed playing the game online usually have around three or four Cynthias, three Lillies, two Judges, and two Pokémon Fan Club. Your options are obviously greater in expanded though.

Q: What happened to my account?

A: That’s a question best left for the moderators. If you poke around here enough you’ll find links where you can submit a ticket for official support to diagnose and fix your issue. Some of the moderators have that link in their signature. You can tell whether or not a forum member is a moderator by the moderator ribbon attached to every post that they make.

I hope this helps. Have a fabulous day!
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28 July 2018 - 12:06 AM




  • xXTheStalkXx

We all know that Professor Sycamore is the best draw support in Standard. But what will happen when It rotates our September 2018?


Well, we adapt and learn to play with "sub optimal" draw supporters and find other ways to discard the cards we want in the pile (while hope they release something better in future sets). 


There are some options, still... Maybe decks that want to discard are gonna play thing like Sophocles, Acro Bike or Plumeria (this one I highly doubt), for drawing we have Lillie, Tate & Liza, Cynthia (the best one ATM), Copycat and Illima (if you want to add a little RNG drama to your deck). 

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28 July 2018 - 03:12 AM



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  • MewSevenSeven

I am looking forward to this new format without a token "discard hand+draw 7" support card (Sycamore, Juniper, Oak).  Changes like this will encourage creativity and keep PTCG interesting 

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28 July 2018 - 10:31 PM



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  • Player_Jay
I use the following draw line in Standard:
-4 Cynthia
-3 N
-2 Scyamore

I keep Sycamore on the low end because my main deck is very combo based.
“Gengar” is my main deck.
Gengar is a Stage 2 Pokémon.
Stage 2 Pokémon have a lot of moving parts.
-Rare Candy

2x Scyamore gives me that extra surge of draw power, but it doesn’t over-discard my deck.
I run extra copies of some of my key cards.
However, I can’t afford to lose tons of combo pieces.

4x Scyamore would mess up my combo oriented deck.
You will discard way to many key cards.
You will draw faster with 4x Scyamore, but the card quality will suffer.
Drawing faster doesn’t help if all your combo pieces are in the discard pile.

4x Cynthia is the best option for my deck.
Cynthia is a shuffle draw option.
It gives me a nice fresh hand with out killing all my combo pieces.
This allows me to draw them later.

3x N is a very neutral middle ground.
You run N to interfere with your opponents hand.
My Gengar deck doesn’t really fall behind in prize cards.
It is very neutral.

Sometimes, I get ahead in prizes.
Sometimes, I am little behind in prizes.
I am usually even with my opponent most times.

For theses reasons, I run N at 3 which is a middle road amount.


Next Rotation, I feel Scyamore has several acceptable replacement options:
-Copy Cat

I feel the below cards are unacceptable Scyamore replacement options:
-Pokémon Breeder
-Professor Kukui
-Ultra Recon Squad


I am thinking about the following Standard line up for my deck:
-4 Cynthia
-3 Judge
-2 Tata&Liza or CopyCat

I would love to use Hala, but my Gengar deck doesn’t run many GX Pokémon.
I would never get the 7 fresh cards.

I would love to use Lillie, but my Gengar deck will have to use Pokémon Fan Club turn 1.
I would never get the 8 fresh cards.

The process of elimination gives me only 2 real candidates.

Tata&Liza is a Guarantee 5 cards.
CopyCat has a RNG card amount.

I’m still debating what to use.
It depends on my games.
If I notice a lot of my opponents are holding 5+ card hands, I will use CopyCat.

The card draw amount is KING for me!
I will use the card that gives me the most draws in the majority of my games.
T&L is guaranteed 5.
CopyCat has to beat 5 in the majority of my games.

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01 August 2018 - 01:02 AM



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  • SuperStone

Seeing as Juniper already exists in Expanded, his only domain will be style or convenience choices.  It may even become a popularity contest- though I must say I personally always use the oldest card I own.

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