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Question about the celestial storm booster pack

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26 July 2018 - 10:42 AM



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  • Antsinmyeyesjoe

I am still kinda new to the tcgo and therfore i don't know will the price backs you can win to trade at the event mode change to the newest addition the celestial storm packs when they come out?


right now you get the forbidden light packs so were you getting the ultra prism packs before forbidden light came out?


Last question do you think the trade value of these packs will be even to the value of guardians rising or below that as for example the forbidden light packs are?

i mean there are at least some cards coming out that might be interesting in the form of stakataka gx, magcargo and rayquaza gx who seems to have some major succes in japan already at least as i heard of 


I know you can't give me 100% factual answers but i would like some thoughts about my questions :)

have a nice day

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02 August 2018 - 08:49 PM



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  • Player_Jay
We are all beginners holding on for dear life being driven by lunatics.
The developers are lunatics doing random things for no reason at all.
An even if you magically knew what the developers were going to do.
No one else would believe you.

We were able to join 6 different tournaments at the start of this week.
Now we can only join 3 different tournaments.
No reason at all why we lost 3.

How exactly do you expect people to answer your questions?
The answer they give will be only an opinion which carries 0 weight.

Your better of just selecting an answer that makes you feel happy.
Thus, the answers to your questions are already known by you.

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It is said that if Gengar is hiding, it cools the area by nearly 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
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