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If You Were Living in the Pokemon World right now . . .

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26 July 2018 - 12:59 AM



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Hey, here is a little something to help encourage you to use your imagination, but if you were living in the Pokémon World right now, other then as a trainer, what would you picture it being like?  To put it more specifically, use your real life, and give it a Pokémon, and if you want to change something you don't like, like say your current job, pick a new one, but it still has to be a bit more realistic.  Here are the criteria:


  • Which region/city would you be living in
  • At your job, whatever it is, what pokemon would be the mascot, and which pokemon would be your working partner
  • At home, what pokemon, can be more then one, would be staying with you, and if you have a family with kids, which one would be more like the family pet
  • If you have a home-based business, which pokemon would be your partner, and if possible, your mascot
  • When you travel, well you use a pokemon as transportation, and if so, which one
  • And feel free to be creative on anything else


Well, that's all I can come up.  This is just a nice way to help folks relax and use their imaginations to take a bit of a break from the real world, even liven it up a bit.  And if you're going to pick a pokemon that has more then one form, like if you pick a vulpix, which form would you have, or say, if you have a lycanroc, which evolved formed.


Anyway, for me, well, I'll be Kanto, but have a cabin on one of the routes outside of the city, maybe Celadon City.  My career would be as a writer, and the pokemon I would have with me is zorua, since their illusion technique could be useful for inspiration, along with maybe, a lycanroc, the midday form, both as a pet, but also as a guard dog, when I have to travel.  And if I have to go long distances, I would ride an arcanine, since they are built bigger then a horse, moves really fast, and can put up a fight when needed, while when it comes to flying, definitely a pidgeot.


Well, that's it for me.  Anybody wants to get on board and use their imagination to what their life would be like in that world, go ahead, but remember, don't say trainer, that's too easy.  Breeders and other titles are okay, since some of those are actual careers in this world.

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03 August 2018 - 03:18 AM




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I actually find this request difficult. Mainly because the pokemon universe is very similar to ours, but with these amazing creatures living inside it. For example we can see from the anime that there are vehicles in the pokemon world. So when you are going to travel why not drive a car or take a train. You could argue that riding a pokemon is free, however this would be true for horses today and most people would rather drive a car than ride a horse. Ill grant you that a horse cant run as fast as a car, and in the pokemon universe there are certainly pokemon that can move as fast as a car. So I guess Ill have to answer based on what I would want to be the case rather than what would be most likely. I would live in the Kanto region, mainly because the original pokemon game was my favorite. I would probably live in a normal house and continue to work with computers. My partner pokemon would be a Porygon since it was made from computers. I would probably own a pikachu, because lets face it they are the cutest, and as a side benefit it could charge a battery backup in my house, no more power outages for me. When I travel, I think I would ride an Aerodactl because flight would be the easiest and fastest way to get anywhere, and I always thought Aerodactyl was cool. Well those are my answers, thanks for posting this thread it was fun trying to put myself in that universe. 

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03 August 2018 - 06:09 AM



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I actually find this request difficult. Mainly because the pokemon universe is very similar to ours, but with these amazing creatures living inside it.

It started somewhat similar to ours, at least with the anime, but by about Gen III, everything change, and the Pokemon World seemed to really gain a life of it's own.  Basically, when it comes to Pokemon, there isn't really much of a backstory to it to explain what it's really like to its fullest.

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