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The 2nd round of tournaments should begin as soon as possible instead of waiting for all 8 players to finish

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12 July 2018 - 12:13 AM



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  • mrdoingboing

This is my first time posting on the forums, so I'm sorry if this isn't the right place. As I'm typing this, I've been waiting about 10 minutes for my next match to begin in this tournament since I managed to get a turn 3 win (woo woo). My opponent for the next round finished their game pretty quickly as well, and it just seems kind of weird to me that both of us are ready to play but we aren't allowed to.


If our upcoming match were to run particularly long, we might end up forcing the person on the other side of the bracket to wait as long as like 20 minutes for the finals match. If we were to get our game started 15 minutes before the other 2nd round match, they would only have to wait 5 minutes instead of 20 in this hypothetical scenario. 


The way I see it, there's absolutely nothing to be lost by allowing 2nd round matches to be played as soon as possible. The worst case scenario is that one person on the opposite side of the bracket would have to wait several rounds for everyone else to get their matches done, but at that point they would still be waiting the exact same amount of time all at once instead of in two smaller timeslots. 


In other words, the potential time saved is pretty significant AND it's impossible for there to be any more waiting than the current system. 

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12 July 2018 - 12:21 AM



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  • XK920XK

the devs can correct me if im wrong, but im sure the thought process behind the current format is that they want to split up long waits into 2 shorter ones incase you get 2 quick victories.  imagine if you got 2 quick 3 turn wins and the other side of bracket takes almost full time for each game, your wait for finals game would be super long so in the current format, they would split that long wait time into 2 shorter ones.

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12 July 2018 - 12:44 AM



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  • mrdoingboing

Yeah that's the one drawback I kinda see, but even in that scenario you'd still technically be waiting the same amount of time. It's kind of a shame that the client locks you out of so many features while you're waiting for the next round, otherwise it probably wouldn't be much of an issue. I understand that you can't exactly have people play online if they're just gonna leave the match early to go play a tournament match, but it's odd to me that at the moment you basically have to minimize the client until something happens :(

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12 July 2018 - 06:45 AM



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  • loma4e4ka

The reason i stoped playing this wonderfull game(
ONe hour or sometimes even more to play tournament of 8 players for a few packs its waste of time,its not real tcg when you can for example chat about smth or else and not as fascinating.Cant uderstand why thay made this so slow, its just online game it must be faster and simplier as it can.

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12 July 2018 - 10:30 AM




  • Mod_Vengr

Thank you all for this exchange.


I have to agree with XK920XK, but will definitely forward your feedback with the devs, mrdoingboing.

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