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Future of Gardevoir GX

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04 July 2018 - 06:49 PM



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  • Eden2902

I've paused for a half year playing standard and now have trouble with the actual meta. I've used Gardevoir GX before and won most of the games but now is so much stuff that need very few energy cards to make ***********... How look a good Gardevoir GX deck in the actual meta? I have all cards that could help, but haven't an idea for an effective 2018 Gardevoir GX deck. Any suggestions? Would be great if the newest cards could be used :)

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04 July 2018 - 08:44 PM



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  • The_Archives
Good morrow, fair maiden. I hast laid my paws on a few builds that thee can use. Of course, it goes without saying that they include the Gardies that are thine.


Pokémon (20)
4x Ralts
3x Gardevoir GX
1x Gallade
3x Zorua
3x Zoroark GX
3x Tapu Lele GX
1x Shaymin EX
1x Oricorio
1x Alolan Vulpix

Trainer (30)
3x N
2x Professor Sycamore
2x Brigette
1x Teammates
1x Guzma
1x Colress
4x Ultra Ball
4x Rare Candy
4x Puzzle of Time
3x VS Seeker
1x Super Rod
1x Max Potion
1x Computer Search
1x Choice Band
1x Sky Field

Energy (10)
6x Fairy Energy
4x Double Colorless Energy


Pokémon (16)
4x Ralts
3x Kirlia
3x Gardevoir GX
1x Gallade
3x Tapu Lele GX
1x Alolan Vulpix
1x Oranguru

Trainer (33)
4x Professor Sycamore
4x N-supporter
3x Guzma
2x Brigette
4x Ultra Ball
4x Rare Candy
4x Max Potion
2x Choice Band
2x Super Rod
2x Field Blower
2x Parallel City

Energy (***
** Fairy Energy
4x Double Colorless Energy
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04 July 2018 - 09:44 PM



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  • SuperStone

Stall versions- specifically, with Sylveon- have been the most successful ones I've seen.  The stall pokemon but enough time to evolve and power up a Garde, which then can sweep.


Don't ask me for list help, though, as I've never played the deck.  :D 

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05 July 2018 - 07:54 PM



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  • Player_Jay
The main reason Gardevior GX isn’t has strong as it use to be is because it relies on the opponent Pokémon energy count.

Most of the Top Tier Pokémon discard or remove energy from themselves after they attack.
Gardevior GX OTK potential was based on the opponents Pokémon keeping energies.
The discard/removal of energy on the opponent Pokémon makes Gardevior GX 1 hit OTK harder.

Most hits you will do are 2 hit OTK’s.
Previous, They were 1 hit OTK’s.

The discard/remove of energy has forced Gardevior decks to have a longer charge up process.
The result is Gardevior GX seems slower to you or the opponents Pokémon seems faster.
It’s only an illusion.
These decks are only taking advantage of a weak spot Gardevior GX always had.

Gardevior Decks have fixed this above problems by doing 2 different deck change ups.

1- Sylveon GX
Gardevior decks have added Sylveon so that you can use Magical Ribbon.
Magical Ribbon let’s you search out 3 cards from your deck.

Players have used Magical Ribbon in a few different ways.
A ) Discarding Fasion
You use a discard energy card to slow your opponent down so that you can charge up Gardevior into ******** 1 hit OTK range.

B ) Speeding Up Fashion
You search your deck for Max Elixir’s or Double Colorless Energy.
This helps Gardevior build up it’s own attack faster with out needing Energy on opponents monsters.

The other deck change up uses a different Pokémon:

2- TalonFlame
TalonFlame has an ability which lets you put it face down at start of a battle.
There is 2 key difference to note here about TalonFlame.

1- TalonFlame has similar attack to Sylveon GX Magical Ribbon, but you can only search for 2 cards not 3.
2- TalonFlame is stage 2 vs Sylveon GX stage 1

These are the key difference that has cause people to debate!
Which Pokémon is better?

Now I know what your thinking what does Stage 2 or Stage 1 have to do with any of this!
The reason it matters is because of a card called Super Boost Energy.
Super Boost Energy is 1 card that can put 4 energies on a single Pokémon.
The more Energies on Gardevior the stronger the attack.
This card can power it up by 4!

The problem is Super Boost Energy has a restriction.
You need to have 3 or more Stage 2 Pokémon in play!

2x Gardevior + 1x Sylveon isn’t enough because Sylveon stage 1.
2x Gardevior + 1x TalonFlame is enough.

This is why there is a debate on which is better!
Con’s = Less search’s + Less consistent in drawing at beginning of battle
Pro’s = Makes Super Boost Energy playable

Con’s = Super Boost Energy not really playable
Pro’s = More search’s + more consistent

And that is all!

Edited by Player_Jay, 05 July 2018 - 07:55 PM.

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