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2019 Rotation Buzzwole

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12 June 2018 - 12:25 AM



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  • draczod

My 1st draft thoughts on Buzzwole post rotation. It's taking a lot of major hits so I'm not sure how it will hold up.


(x3) Baby Buzzwole

(x3) Buzzwole-GX

(x1) Diancie Prism

(x1) Minior (Celestial Storm)

(x1) Rockruff (Forbidden Light 75/131)

(x1) Lycanroc-GX (Guardians Rising 74/145)

(x1) Tapu Lele-GX


(x1) Acerola

(x2) Cynthia

(x4) Guzma

(x2) Judge

(x4) Tate & Liza (Celestial Storm)


(x3) Brooklet Hill

(x4) Beast Ring

(x1) Energy Recycler

(x1) Rescue Stretcher

(x4) Ultra Ball

(x4) Choice Band

(x3) Wishful Baton

(x1) Beast Ball (Celestial Storm)


(x1) Beast Energy

(x14) Fighting Energy


I guess the idea is to damage as much as possible until you can Beast Ring. Then load up and start swinging. I'm still on the fence with Minior but I think it is interesting.


It loses a lot of first round potential and potency in general with Regirock, Strong Energy, and Max Elixir. It can't move through the deck as well without Octillery and Sycamore. I feel like float stone is a really big loss too. It hurts to think about the rotation for Buzzwole, honestly.



I know this is months ahead but I couldn't help it and jumped down the rabbit hole. If you'd like to join me then please respond with your thoughts, changes, or praise. If not, feel free to boo and hiss.

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12 June 2018 - 02:05 AM



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  • Player_Jay
You’re not alone!

I jumped down the rabbit hole days ago. Lol

It is nice to have company!

My Gengar deck hopefully will be your competition. Lol


As for your deck list, I have few recommendations.

We are losing Octillery!

However, We still have Oranguru.

I think it is worth adding him in.

The new draw supports are more tame.

I think we will depend on all/any extra draws we can get.

I feel like Oranguru will be main decked in pretty much all decks next Rotation Format!

The next 2 Pokémon which I feel will get more play included:

- Zygarde GX
- Silvalley GX

I feel these 2 Pokémon may see increased play in Buzzwole Decks.

- Zygarde GX reminds me of a Volcanian.

It is like a Fighting Volcanian Pokemon.

It can help Charge Up back line Buzzwole’s

Most Buzzwole decks don’t use Zygarde GX.

However, It is due to the abundance of Max Elixir + Strong Draw Supporter.

We are losing these things next Format which makes me think people may try to get creative.

Again, I could be wrong!

The meta has a whole will be slowing down.

The question is how slow will things get!

If it is slow enough, Buzzwole decks may not need to be creative.


The next Pokémon which may or may not see play in Buzzwole decks is Silvalley GX.

I feel like some may add a 2-2 line in.

Silvalley allows free Retreat for all Basic’s.

The loss of Float Stone is huge!

How to overcome?

Maybe, Silvalley GX can be the answer.


The above information is what I think could happen, but it doesn’t mean it will.

It is just Fruit for Thought.
It is said that if Gengar is hiding, it cools the area by nearly 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
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12 June 2018 - 03:26 AM



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  • draczod

Thanks for the reply! Can't believe I overlooked Oranguru. I'll have to edit it in. Thanks!


I like Silvally as a Float Stone alternative. His attacks are expensive but they're pretty decent for the deck. The Type Null with the 30+ attack would fit as well and it doesn't have Psychic weakness so it's an alternative to that. Hmm..You may have something there.


As for Zygarde-GX, which one are you talking about? I see one that charges itself. It doesn't get access to Beast Ring either. With Malamars running around wreaking energy acceleration havoc before Beast Ring, I think it's a bit slow but it could be close. Naganadel-GX could be useful in that sense but Poipole would be pretty useless.




2nd Draft Courtesy to Jay


(x2) Baby Buzzwole

(x3) Buzzwole-GX

(x1) Diancie Prism

(x1) Oranguru (Sun & Moon 113/149)

(x1) Type Null (Ultra Prism 115/156)

(x1) Silvally-GX

(x1) Rockruff (Forbidden Light 75/131)

(x1) Lycanroc-GX (Guardians Rising 74/145)

(x1) Tapu Lele-GX


(x2) Cynthia

(x4) Guzma

(x2) Judge

(x4) Tate & Liza (Celestial Storm)


(x4) Nest Ball

(x3) Beast Ring

(x1) Energy Recycler

(x1) Rescue Stretcher

(x4) Ultra Ball

(x4) Choice Band

(x3) Wishful Baton

(x1) Beast Ball (Celestial Storm)


(x1) Beast Energy

(x2) Double Colorless Energy

(x12) Fighting Energy

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13 June 2018 - 02:56 AM



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  • Player_Jay
Disregard what I said about Zygarde GX.

I was half sleep when I wrote about that.

When I read Zygarde GX first Attack Cell Connector, I thought it said it can add 2 Fighting energy to any Pokémon.

I thought it could be like Volcanian and add energy to the bench Pokémon.

I have reread the card.

It only charges itself so that isn’t going to work.


I am happy that you are able to salvage some helpful information from my late night gibberish.

Yeah, Silvalley might be a nice tech.

It can be big help with loss of Float Stone.


I think the inclusion of Silvalley GX can help you free up some supporters.

I feel Cynthia will be the best Draw Supporter next Format.

I feel like Tate & Liza might be second best Draw Supporter.

My advice would be to make following changes:

(-2) Tate & Liza
(+2) Cynthia

(-1) Guzma
(+1) Judge

I don’t think you will need max Guzma.

I would change 1 for Judge to give yourself more opportunities to interrupt your opponents hands.

(-3) Nest Ball
(+2) Brooklyn Hill
(+1) Pokémon Fan Club

You have 4 Nest Balls in your deck, but I don’t see any way for you to remove opponents Stadium’s.

You have no Stadium of your own.

Your not using any Field Blowers.

If an opponent puts up a Shining Punishment on you, you will be in tough spot.

I feel you can resolve the above problem with the Brooklyn Hill Stadium.

It has similar functionality as your Nest Balls.

It can pull out your Fighting Pokémon and more importantly it removes your opponents Stadium.

The 1 downside is your Normal Type Pokémon will have to use other means.

You have 4 Nest Balls.

I suggest keeping 1 Nest Ball + change 1 to Pokémon Fan Club.

This will let you pull your Normal Type Pokémon.

Than you can have Brooklyn Hill pull your Fighting Type.

I like the inclusion of 1 Pokémon Fan Club.

I feel like it is a subtle finesse tech. that can elevate your deck slightly above others.

(-1) Fighting Energy
(+1) Gladion

The last recommendation I am giving you is probably the most controversial!

Several different people have said Gladion is not worth it.

I disagree with them.

Sometimes, you see people make starter/beginner templates.

They show a beginner or starting up person some key supporter into cards the majority of people use.

In my eyes, Gladion is part of that template.

I’m going to run it until it rotates out or till something better comes to replace it.

I have used Town Maps for long time in all my decks.

Next Format, It is gone!

The closest thing to replace it is Gladion.

I have tested Gladion in preparation for new format.

Gladion has been a game changer for me!

It has helped me pull off come from behind upsets.

It has helped me win games instantly

Gladion is a game ender!

I think a lot of people use it incorrectly.
It is said that if Gengar is hiding, it cools the area by nearly 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
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